Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking Out

Abigail is into so much these days.... she really has been discovering a lot of things lately. 

Most recently, it's been the back sliding door.  When I let Camden outside, Abigail has realized that now that she can crawl over and look at Camden through the glass door.

Sometimes she will just crawl over and look out now even though Camden is inside the house.  Not quite sure what she is looking at but it occupies her!

She loves to bang her hands on the glass. (well, she loves to bang her hands on anything!)

She can pull herself up and stand kind of holding onto the door or curtains.
(Of course Camden had to get her nose in the picture, as she usually does.  She is just as nosy as Abigail and myself!)

We haven't really been outside much this summer due to the heat and humidity, but I am sure once the weather is a little cooler (and she will be walking then) she will want to go out with Camden!!

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