Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heartburn... but no hair!

There is an old wives tail saying that if you have heartburn during your pregnancy, then your baby will be born with a full head of hair.  Or something of that nature.  I don't really believe old wives tails, but I thought maybe something could be true about this.

I started having heartburn in May.  I had never experienced that before, so I Remember the first time having it very vividly.  We were traveling along Rt. 13 south on Virginia towards the Bay Bridge Tunnel, on our way to Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I had this terrible feeling in my chest, like a burning sensation kind of worked its way to my throat.  Very weird feeling.  I Had been drinking coffee that morning because we left at like 3 am.  When we stopped at the bay bridge tunnel gift shop, I Got rolaids.  That didn't help much.

So begins the terrible heartburn.

The entire rest of the pregnancy, it was bad.  Everything I Ate gave me heartburn! I was popping tums like candy.  I got so tired of tums, but didn't really have achoice! I tried all of the things I Read about, to try and reduce the heartburn but it didn't work! 

To this day, I never want another tums.  (unless I get pregnant again and I won't have a choice!)

Anyway, back to the old wives tail.. So, as much heartburn as I experienced I thought FOR SURE that Abigail would have a full head of hair.  Like, without a doubt, I figured she would.  When looking at my family and Ryan, I had a feeling it would be full of RED HAIR.  My mother in law was praying for this.  Ryan definitely wanted her to have red hair also... I Wasn't necessarily praying for RED hair, but just hair :)

Well, my little girly came into this world- and hardly any hair!!  I was so surprised!  However, the little amount of hair that she DID Have when she was born, did have a slightly redish 'tint' to it.  Mom was happy.  Barb was happy.  Ryan was all smiles about that. Me?  Well, I just love her to pieces no matter what color it is. 

And, a little over 4 months later... she still doesn't really have any hair!! I am by no means a girly girl, but I Was looking forward to putting barrettes in her hair! No barrettes for this girl yet :( 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cute Baby Booties!

A few weeks ago I read this post over at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife and fell in LOVE with a pair of baby booties that she made!! Marah is so talented and creative!! I immediately sent her a message telling her how much I loved the booties, and she said she would make Abigail a pair!!

She went shopping for some different fabric and sent me a picture of what she came up with, and I just loved it!!!  So she went to work and made a pair for Abigail!! I received the finished product in the mail on Saturday, and I have to say- she does great work!! Even Ryan thought they were adorable.  I just loved the color combinations. 

They are still a bit big on Abigail's tiny little feetsies, but I can't wait until her feet are big enough to wear them!! Of course, I had to go ahead and try them on her anyway!

She is checking them over, I think she likes!

 Thanks, Marah!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

H.I.G.H. Tea

Saturday was the Ladie's H.I.G.H Tea at our church... Every year we have a Ladie's HIGH Tea- HIGH stands for Hearts In God's Hands.  It's a wonderful ministry that a few ladies started awhile back, one of them being my mother.  I have always been involved in some capacity. It's just a fun way to spend a lazy winter afternoon. 

This was myself, my mom, and my sister at last year's HIGH tea (I was a few months pregnant in this picture but you can't really tell!)

There has always been a HIGH tea around Valentine's Day, so for the past 5 (?) years I made handmade valentine cards for each guest.  It is always sooo much work, and I always put if off until the last minute!! Here is an example of cards I made for last year's tea:

This year I did not make the cards that I usually make, due to being busy with my 4 month old.  I did print out little favor cards for everyone though.  They had a design similar to this:
              True Love
For God so lo V ed the world
     That He g A ve
            his on L y
          Begott E n
                So N
                     T hat whosoever
      Believeth I n Him
         Should N ot perish,
     But have E verlasting life.
                           John 3:16

This year, Abigail and I attended the tea- it was Abigail's very first HIGH tea.  There were about 50 ladies who attended this year, which is a great turnout for a small congregation such as my church.  Ladies come from all over, many different denominations.  We welcome anyone!

We start out with welcome and prayer, then we eat!! Of course, with this being a church function, there is always great food!! I made mini cheesecakes which turned out well, and there were sooo many other different finger foods/desserts.  And of course, there was the tea!

I could wish you joy and peace
To last a whole life long,
I could wish you sunshine,
Or a cheerful little song,
Or wish you all the happiness
That this life could bring

But I wish you Jesus,
But I wish you Jesus,
But I wish you Jesus,
More than anything.

I could wish you leaves of gold,
And may your path be smooth,
I could wish you treasures,
Or that all your dreams come true,
And I could wish you paradise,
That ev'ry day be spring,

But I wish you Jesus,
But I wish you Jesus,
But I wish you Jesus,
Cause when I wish you Jesus,
I've wished you ev'rything

It was all in all a great afternoon.  Abigail enjoyed herself.  She got lots of hugs and kisses from the ladies.  She didn't make it all the way through though- it was a long day for her, and she fell asleep until about halfway through.  I can probably speak for herself when I say we cannot wait for next years!

My mom, my daughter (Abigail), and myself at this year's HIGH Tea!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bumgenius Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Most of you who read my blog, know that I have been trying out cloth diapering with Abigail.  Many also know that I ordered a "trial" which consisting of various styles/types/brands of diapers.   So far things continue to go well, and I am CD-ing "part time" as I obtain more and more cloth diapers.  One of my favorites so far are bumGenius one size cloth diapers. 

Recently, I stumbled across an upcoming cloth diaper giveaway in the blog world, and I am hoping to win!!

Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diapering expert and advocate, and is also the founder/owner of, and also owns She recently opened a Kelly's Closet store in Manassas, VA (where my brother and sister in law live!) I can't wait to go visit the store in person someday!

She is currently doing an amazing giveaway for a bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper Kit, which is valued at $370!!

The bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper Kit includes:  18  bumGenius 4.0 One Size diapers with inserts,  1 –bumGenius Sprayer  and  1 – bumGenius Pail Liner.  

The link to the giveaway is: bumGenius giveaway!

If anyone is interested in entering, just click  here  to enter the sweepstakes.

Since starting out with cloth diapering, I really have come to like the bumGenius all in one size diapers.  They fit Abigail well, and it's nice knowing that she can continue to wear them as she grows.  She hasn't had any leaks at all, with the bumGenius diapers, so far!
Abigail is wearing her bumGenius one size- isn't it adorable?

I am really really really hoping to win this giveaway, which is why I am blogging about it to gain extra entries!! It would give me such a great stash!!

The winner will be picked on March 11th.  I will let you guys know if I win, of course!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 Months Old- Already??

Tuesday was February 15th- that meant Abigail turned 4 months old already!! I cannot believe how big she is.  We go to the doctor tomorrow (Friday) for a well check.  I can't wait to see what she weighs.  Here is her 4 month picture:

What a happy little girl!  She loves to laugh and smile.  I love coming home from work, and she is always in daddy's arms, just waiting for mommy :) 

Things have been really crazy lately, between work, home, various things with church, and just everything else, so I haven't has time to post much. It's all I can do to get home and get things done around the house and get to bed at a reasonable time to get up for work the next morning.  Work has been VERY stressful and busy as well. I Hope I get some down time and soon!

Abigail must be going through a growth spurt because a few nights this week, she woke up numerous times hungry (I am assuming that was the problem).  I got spoiled for months because she had been sleeping without waking up, so I had a difficult time getting up to feed her! Last night she finally slept through the night again, but I didn't sleep well  myself, because I was half awake listening for her throughout the night. 

I hope to get some time this weekend to post more. 


Friday, February 11, 2011

I am GOING to...

Start Scrapping again!!

I decided tonight that I am going to DO it.  Tomorrow,  after Ryan heads to work,  I am going to head to Michaels with Abigail, and look at baby scrapbooking supplies :)  I got an album and paper at my baby shower, but I want to look at more. 

I keep telling myself I want to start doing it again.  I will never start unless I really just- START.  I need to give myself that extra PUSH to get motivated.  I don't really have the space, I will just use the kitchen table for now. 

I have always loved scrapbooking.  I have always shared that bond with my Aunt Debbie, who lives in NC.  I miss it.  It used to be my "outlet" which I don't have anymore.  I really need to get back to it. 

I want to scrap these moments in Abigail's first few months of life...and her first few years.. and the rest of her years.  I want it down on paper.  Her "firsts".   I need to do this.

So tomorrow, we are going to Michaels Craft Store and Abigail will assist me with picking out items for her very first scrapbook!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

For those of you wondering, Abigail has been wearing cloth diapers for the past week or so, on and off.  We only have a few and she goes through them so quickly!

You can see she is wearing cloth diapers in the follow picture.  She looks so happy!

So far, it is going well in general and I think we can say that we like them  :) Just gotta get daddy on board.  Well, he's on board but just a little unsure when I'm not home right now. He hasn't used them unless I am home. I continue to educate him :)

We are cloth diapering "part time" right now, until we get a better "stash".  I just sent back the diapers we don't care for (to Jillians Drawers) and I have purchased a few more over the internet at various websites. 

Abigail wearing her BumGenius! 4.0 One Size.  You can't tell because her shirt is in the way, but this one is hook and loop closure (velcro).  It is nice because it will fit her until she reaches up to 35 lbs! There are snaps that help to adjust the diaper to the size she needs at the moment.  The inside is a very soft sueded material, which stays dry and the liner in the pocket absorbs all of the moisture.  They really fit her well and she seems to like them!  They have washed very well, and no stains so far!! 

 Now, Abigail seems to like them... we just need to get Ryan comfortable with them! 


One of my most favorite things to do is read.  Ever since I was little, I have ALWAYS loved reading books.  My sister and I loved going to the library when we were growing up.  We would always check out the maximum number of books every time!!  Babysitters Club, Boxcar kids, Sweet Valley Kids... american girl... all of those and more!  I love cuddling up in the winter with a blanket and a good book, usually at nighttime before bed :)  I love relaxing on the beach or by the pool in the summertime with a good book.  Let's face it, I love going anywhere with a good book!

If there is one thing that I hope Abigail loves to do in the future, it would be to read.  I want her to be able to experience jumping into someone else's world.  The imagination that is involved.  Creating the characters in your mind.  I fall in love with the families I read about, even though they are fictional!!  Ryan says I am crazy.

Ryan doesn't care for reading- he is not quite sure why, but he says he just never read much growing up and he doesn't get caught up in the books quite like I do.  I think he wishes he does though!

I don't read to Abigail EVERY single day, I wish I did, but I do read to her as often as I can.   She doesn't have a huge children's book collection yet like I would like for her, but I hope to expand it as we go along.  I want her to start reading at a young age like her mommy did! 

I read a lot in front of her- either to her or out loud.  She seems to take an interest in what I am reading lately!! I hope this is a good sign!

Daddy will like this photo, because if you look closely, she is reading the sports section!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tummy Time

Tummy time is good for babies. It helps them to build and strengthen their neck muscles, which allows them to hold their heads up. 

Abigail could take it or leave it.  Sometimes she likes being on her tummy, and other times she doesn't. 

We make sure she gets at least a few minutes a day on her tummy. 

She is starting to notice and play with things more.  She will grab onto the rings attached to her bouncy seat. She also loves to look at herself in mirrors!  I am loving this new stage with my daughter!!!

Vote for Abigail!

Vote for Abigail!!! 

Head over to the Doable Diapers blog-- They are hosting a photo contest along with Diary of a Devil Dog Wife.

I entered a picture of Abigail!  Please vote for picture #3!

The link to the voting form is at the bottom.  You must be a public follower via Google Friend Connect of BOTH Doable Diapers blog, and Diary of a Devil Dog Wife in order for the vote to count.

You can vote every day until February 13th!

Thanks for voting for my little girl :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Definitely Not a Coincidence...

Just wanted to add to my earlier post-  towards the end of the post, I referenced a scripture in the book of Matthew in the Bible regarding worrying about tomorrow.  

Wouldn't you know  I went to choir practice for church tonight, and we were given the song "Don't worry about tomorrow" to practice.  The song is based on the VERY SAME verse I referenced just a few hours before practice.  What a way to drive that verse in.

Doesn't God work in amazing ways??

Change Might Be Coming...

Change might be coming for our family in the next couple of months. 

For those of you who don't know, Ryan has applied to the Maryland State Police.  He had thought about doing it before he started working at ECI,  but then got the job at ECI and put that thought on the backburner.  When he returned to work after taking 6 weeks of paternity leave, he decided he really wanted to apply for this.  He wants more "fulfillment" out of a job.  He wants a career, something he couldn't see himself having as a correctional officer.  He really wants this. 

After Abigail was born, I guess something triggered the thought again in his mind and he started seriously looking into it.  He attended the orientation which is the starting point of the application process.  Like getting hired for ECI as  a correctional officer,  getting hired to be a state policeman is a lengthy process with many steps.

The first step was to take a fitness test.  He had to travel across the Bay Bridge. He had to run a mile (or maybe longer?) in so many minutes.  He had to be able to do so many push ups and sit ups within a certain time period, as well as other things.  They tested him on his ability to fire a gun. 

He passed that, so the very same day he took a written exam.  He found out a few days after it that he passed. 

The next step was to complete the application and polygraph testing book.  We had to gather all sorts of documents for the application, it took quite some time.  We finally got it mailed off after Christmas and almost immediately he heard back to schedule his medical exam and psychological exam.  He had to travel across the bridge again, 3 different times!! He just finally got all of that completed last week and this week.  He had to get immunizations that he didn't have record of ever getting.  What a process so far!

Yesterday he had an interview at the local state police barracks.  It was a panel interview, in front of 3 state policemen (lieutenants and sargeants?).  He was told he did well afterward, and he feels good about it.  The next and last step is the polygraph test, which is scheduled for next week.

Everything is moving right along.  A little too fast for me.  See, the one thing that I have mixed feelings about is the training.  The next training academy starts this March 28th.  It is outside of Baltimore, and he will have to stay there during the week and will be permitted to come home on certain weekends if he doesn't accumulate a certain number of demerits.  The training is 6 1/2 months long!! Such a long time.  Basically, he would graduate right around Abigail's FIRST birthday.  It just seems like a long time, even though I know I am blessed to be able to see him every now and then.  It could be worse.

I have to be supportive, I want to be supportive.  I WILL be supportive.  But I just hate that he has to be away!!  I wish there was a training academy on the eastern shore so he could be closer. I know in the summer it will take him sooo long to get home, across that bridge :/  I also dislike the fact that he will miss a lot with Abigail.  He will basically miss the 2nd half of her 1st year...if that makes any sense!

He doesn't like that part either.  I feel like I will be very alone with raising her.  I hope she will know who he is when he gets done, with not seeing him much. 
God has blessed us right now with the fact that our schedules have worked out so that we didn't have to put Abigail in childcare.  I work in the morning to early afternoon, and Ryan stays with Abigail then.  Then I come home and he goes to work in late afternoon/evenings and I am with her.  We only have to rely on someone to watch Abigail every now and then for maybe 2 hours at the most.  It is nice not having to take her to daycare (not to mention we save a lot of money!)  Daycare is something I have never wanted to do. 

I know God has a plan.  I know that.  But I still worry. I know the Bible says in the book of Matthew 'Don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough troubles of its own.'  I know that.   ButI still worry. 

We won't know for sure that Ryan has been offered a "final" offer of emplyment until after everything is completed. Then what? 

I will have to find child care, which I have been told is difficult around here for an infant. And I won't have a whole lot of time to find it... I know it can be difficult to find last minute.  And how will we afford it?? It's so expensive.  I really don't want to put her in a daycare... I don't know anyone who does daycare. I don't know who to trust.  I have a few people who could watch her here at home but not 4 days a week.  I am not sure what we are going to do.

I am just really stressing out lately about this.  I just am praying that everything will fall into place. I can't do anything until I know more for sure.  But I do know that, now that we have everything worked out...we will have to  figure out a new plan. Because change is coming.  That is what life is about, right?  Adapting to change.   I am generally good with change, but I am not sure about this one.

Pray for me (and our family) please!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wiggle Worm

(caution- this might be a long post!)

I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed.  I didn't know a darn thing about it before I was pregnant,  but I did know that I wanted to try to breastfeed when Abigail was born. I had heard stories from others about how it didn't work out, so I kept an open mind and told myself not to get stressed out if it did not work out. 

It all started off fairly well after Abigail was born.  She nursed from me just after she was born and had a great latch.  Of course, it took me a few days to get the hang of everything, and a few different nurses to teach me in the hospital.  Once we got home, everything seemed to go well.  At first she wouldn't nurse for long at all- maybe 5-15 minutes and only one side.  Then she would close those lips and i wouldn't even be able to get my finger to open them up!! But she was gaining weight and had plenty of dirty/wet dipes, so we didn't worry.  Then all of a sudden she changed after about 1 1/2 months, and she usually nurses for about 20-30 minutes each feeding now, usually from both sides.  Not sure what changed there. But I figured it's a good thing :)

I think breastfeeding is the best way to go for all babies- first of all, it's free!! We have never had to supplement with formula but I have heard it can be expensive.  I am so thankful we haven't had to give Abigail formula.  I believe that breastfeeding is what women are supposed to do.  I know some have problems and end up not being able to breastfeed.  But I think everyone should at least try!  When you think about it, our bodies are designed for it.. just like they are designed for having babies.  God made our bodies to do those things, so we should do them! 
Breastfeeding is an amazing way to bond with your little one.  I have seen pictures of others who breastfeed and their little ones look up into mommy's eyes. For some reason, Abigail doesn't look at me, if she does she gets distracted!   But regardless, it is still bonding time.  I have to admit, when I see Daddy giving her a bottle, I get a tad jealous, even though I know it's a bottle of mommy's milk!
Breastfeeding is the best thing for baby- it has things in it that they can't even figure out how to get into formula!!  Mommies make milk especially formulated for baby's needs.  It will benefit baby as well as mommy now, and in the future. 

Abigail is now 3 1/2 months old.  She is definitely getting bigger and has always been very alert, and is now very curious about her environment.  This makes breastfeeding very difficult at times!! It seems for the last few weeks she has been a huge wiggle worm!! I call her "squigily".  She squiggles and is wiggly at the same time!! 

It makes breastfeeding very difficult.  She wiggles around, then unlatches and sometimes she will look up at me and smile..  and coo..and smile... then she goes back on...then she starts wiggling and wants to look around or at me again... sometimes she will let out a cry, and then will latch back on.  Usually, eventually, she calms down...sometimes not.  Those times I can't tell if she has gotten enough milk though.

I don't really know why or what is going on, but It can get very frustrating at times because I want to make sure she is getting enough to eat!!  I am not sure if the problem is ME or if it's just her being curious.   I always have worried if I have enough milk or not, so of course my immediate reaction is "is she getting enough? is my supply going down?" . 

I work part time and have to pump a few times at work, so I am always concerned in the back of my mind that it won't work out and my supply will drop down.  When I am at work, she takes a bottle with my expressed milk so I then have the worry that she will start liking the bottle more then me.  She usually only gets 2 bottles when I am at work, and that is usually only 4 days a week.  Every now and then on weekends, but we try not to do that unless absolutely necessary.

I guess my ultimate worry is that eventually she will want only bottle and no mommy...and I don't want to deal with that. I hope I don't have to. I have been back to work 2 months now, and things have been great.  I want them to continue that way.... but now I am dealing with this wiggle worm-ness.  I just hope it's a stage she is going through, and that she is not starting to like bottle over me.

She is not like this all of the time.  Most times she nurses just fine and isn't "squigily" so I am not sure what the difference is.  I just know that when she is, I tend to over worry and stress myself out.

Has anyone else been through this??  Anyone have any opinions?  Should I do anything different?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!