Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cell Phones

Abigail has been obsessed with my cell phone for a few months now.  When I say obsessed, I mean it.  If she sees it, she HAS to get to it.   Even if that means climbing over me and trying to crawl onto the table.  If she cannot get it, she has started this whining business.  Mommy doesn't want whining to start already!

I was given a toy (Elmo) cell phone from a friend that she loves to play with, but it's just not the same for her.  She has to have MY cell phone. 

So yesterday I decided to give her my old cell phone, to see what she would do.

It seemed made her happy and content.  She crawled around with it all over the house.  Everywhere I looked, she had that phone.  Usually in her mouth, of course. 

So I wonder if she will still want my phone.  For right now, my old one makes her happy.

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