Saturday, June 25, 2011

Future Scrapper On Our Hands?

Abigail has recently discovered how to climb onto the shelf that sits underneath our table in the living room.  I have had scrapbooks stacked there ever since we have lived here and she has recently taken to (trying to) climb them- like they are a mountain or something!!  She is like her mommy was- into anything that can be gotten into!

Of course I make sure she doesn't fall.  But I couldn't help but snap a few pictures each time I see her do it!!

One time she got into one of the scrapbooks and started trying to take things out that were just lying loosely in there.

....I can't help but wonder-  Do we have a future scrapper on our hands?!? 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wonderful Day Trip!

Yesterday I had off work so Abigail and I headed up to see an old friend of mine who lives just north of Baltimore, Mary, who I hadn't seen since our wedding- WAY too long!  Our wedding was over 2 1/2 years ago!

We spent the day together with her son Daniel who is almost 4, and her 6 week old baby boy, James.  It was such a nice day together just relaxing at her home, and catching up.  We don't get much time to do this, and since she is a (spanish) teacher and home during the summer with her baby, I am hoping to head back to see her soon!!

Here are some photos from yesterday:

Mary was my Young Life leader in high school.  We met probably in 1999 or 2000, I am not sure which.  But quite awhile ago!!!! You can read about Young Life here,  but in a nutshell, Young Life is a Christian organization with a goal to bring teenagers/adolescents to Christ, and it was truly a life saver for me in high school.  I truly believe that God placed Young Life and Mary in my life for a purpose and a reason, and that purpose was to bring me closer to Him and Jesus Christ.  I didn't realize how much I needed that back then, until I look back. Mary did this through her LOVE.  She has so much love for people, and it is so genuine. She truly is an example of who Jesus was when he walked on earth, I believe. What a wonderful role model to have when in high school.

I honestly believe that without Mary's influence on me in high school, I don't think I would be where I am today. 

I met Mary through my sister, who started attending Young Life before I did.  It was because of their pushing and pushing that I agreed to go with my sister to the Young Life camp in Minnesota.  You heard me- Minnesota.  We got there by bus.  Yes, that is correct.  A bus trip from Maryland to Minnesota.  It was crazy.  But a crazy great time!!! Camp Castaway was awesome!

The camp itself was sooooo much fun, and after that I was hooked to Young Life!!  I attended the bible studies groups (Campaigners if I remember correctly)  and the club meetings every week. I enjoyed getting to know Mary over the next few years, as she was the leader assigned to my high school while she attended the local college.  She would hang around when school let out, attend sporting events, and just be there for us.  She was definitely there for me.  High school definitely had its share of ups and downs for me, Mary listened to it all with an open heart.  She would give me scripture if I needed it, would pray with me or pray for me.  She would do anything I needed.  I loved her dearly, and when she graduated from college and moved to the Dominican Republic, I vowed that I would never lose contact with her.

Well, we didn't.  We emailed and chatted online while she lived in the DR for a few years, and saw each other when she was back in the states.  When she came back she moved back to the area she grew up and where her parents live.  And she brought home her future hubby from the DR, and got married!!

Even though she is roughly 6-7 years older then me, we have always managed to keep in touch, even if we don't see each other routinely.  She is a very special person to me, and always will be.

I can't find our high school photos from Young Life camp, but here are some that I have pulled up from over the years ( I Think they are in order).  I have others that I couldn't find, but these are enough I guess!

Not sure when this was- I believe sometime my freshman year of college, so maybe the winter of 2003?

 This could have been the same winter, at Christmas time (obviously). I always enjoyed traveling up to see Mary when she was home visiting her parents.
 This may have been summer after my freshman year of college- so maybe summer of 2003?
Mary got married!!! We promised each other that we would both be at each others wedding.  My sister and I were the greeters for Mary's wedding, and Mary read scripture at my wedding.  Mary was married to Julio in August 2004. 
 This picture was taken when we met up in Inner Harbor Baltimore- Fall of 2004- Mary was still a newlywed! I was a junior in college.
This was winter of 2007- Mary was pregnant with Daniel!!

Meeting Daniel for the first time- This was either March or April 2008- I was getting ready to be married myself!
Mary and I on my wedding day- I love this picture!!

I am definitely looking forward to many many years of friendship with my special Mary!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pulling Up!

Abigail has been full of "firsts" lately. 

A few weekends ago she mastered being able to go from lying on her belly to sitting.   Now, if that isn't the darndest cutest thing to watch, I don't know what is!! 

Recently, she has figured out how to pull up all by herself!! What a strong little girl I have.  She was pulling up to a stand in her crib today and let me catch some pictures!!! I also got a video but it won't let me download on here- darn.  I will keep trying though!

My precious little baby is growing up!!!

First Daddy's Day!

This past Sunday was Father's Day.  This day is always difficult for me, since my own father passed away of lung cancer when I was 13 years old.  And this year with Pop Pop being gone not quite 2 years, it's even more difficult, since he was basically my father as well.

However, now Ryan is a daddy so I think that helped me to focus more positively on Father's Day this year.

The entire weekend was great... Just having him home on weekends is great. He came straight home Friday evening instead of having dinner with the "guys" so he was come at 8:00 pm!! 
Saturday we worked in the yard- Ryan put down mulch and I planted flowers.  And yes, that is the order we did it- I know I know, it's backwards!! I didn't decide I wanted to plant anything until after he had come home with a load of mulch and he really wanted to get started on it then and not wait until I got flowers.  So that took up a lot of our Saturday, but it was relaxing other than that. 

Sunday we went to church and then we headed to Texas Roadhouse for an earlier lunch. We don't go there often and it's one of Ryan's favorite places to get a good steak.  It was a good thing we went early because it sure was hopping when we left!! 

We spent Sunday afternoon together and then he had to head back to the academy :(

I am a terrible mother- I didn't get a good picture of the 2 of them on Ryan's first Father's Day!!!  I totally meant to and the day just got away from us. 

Ryan is such a wonderful daddy to Abigail.  He was very unsure of whether he was "ready" to be a daddy back when we were discussing trying for a baby.   However, since day 1, he has just been a natural!! He doesn't mind the (poopy) diapers, pushing the stroller (around Lowes!) or loving all over her. He will be such a great role model in her life, and I cannot wait to watch them together during the years to come. 

I love watching the two of them connect with each other, especially on the weekends since he is gone during the week.  I love the light in her eyes when she looks at him, and the love in his eyes when he looks at her (or even just talks about her!).  They just have that special daddy-daughter connection and I love to watch them together!!!  She is definitely already a true "daddy's girl".  

 (This was the only one I got from Father's Day- silly me!!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 Months

My Dearest Abigail,

Where oh where does the time go, my precious little girl?  It seems I was just writing your 7 month letter, and now 8 months came right around the corner!! I don't understand this.  How are you growing so fast??  You are not my little baby girl anymore- are,  and you always will be, but you are growing up so quickly!!  Almost too quickly!!

So much has happened this past month... you are quite the little mover now!!! You were
"Creeping" for awhile, but now you have the crawling thing down.  You can go from room to room.  I know soon we will have to put a gate at the bottom of the stars... you haven't quite discovered the stairs yet, but I know it's soon.

You are just so beautiful.... your daddy and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and wonderful child... We are so blessed to have you.  Mommy always thought she wanted boys because she was never "girly",  but she loves her little girl!!!

I caught you the other day opening the drawers to the coffee table and pulling things out.  You love to pull down magazines, newspapers, anything with paper.  You and Camden are perfect for each other- you both love to chew on and rip up paper! I Have to be careful so I get it away from you before you eat it.

Just last weekend you figured out how to sit up when you are down on your belly.  One minute you were lying on the floor, the next you were sitting up!! Big girl!!

And just this week you have started pulling up on furniture!!! You first did it in your crib and then did it on the couch during the week.... I cannot believe it!

You are really coming into your own always have had it, but it's coming out more and stronger now.  You love to smile.  Such a smiley baby!

You got 2 bottom teeth in!!! I cannot believe this.  You are a tough little girl because you never gave me any signs that you were teething... You always sucked your fingers anyway so that didn't help me.  We didn't really know you were teething until the tooth was coming up, and then we felt it! And then #2 came right up next to it!!

You have been eating more and more baby food this past month... you don't care for certain veggies but you LOVE bananas and you love sweet potatoes.  You are finiky though.. Some nights you will eat an entire jar, and the next night you won't want any.  You eat well for for your daycare provider most days. Some days lately you are unpredictable with what you will eat.

Although you are getting baby food, you still want your mommy's milk!!  Yes, we have made it to 8 months of breastfeeding now.  I don't have a doubt that it will continue until 1 year, or whenever you want it to stop.  I know when that time comes, I will be sad, but I know you are growing and are going to want to eat the food that mommy and daddy eat.

Daddy still is gone during the weeks but you sure enjoy your time with him when he comes home.  He plays with you, and reads to you (sometimes!)  Daddy isn't a big reader, but I hope that you come to be!

Now you take baths in the big bathtub, and you just LOVE LOVE it!!! You splash and play.  You get mommy soaked.  Sometimes I just have to hop in there with you!

you take after your mommy in so many ways...sometimes when you are determined, you get a very strongly determined look on your face- even if you are just playing!!

8 Months has already passed by... I know the next time I turn around, you will be 1 year old.  I don't know what I will do.  I often look at pictures from when you were born and can't believe you have grown so much in so short of a time period!!

You had a few playdates within the past month....  in the same day!! You played with twin girls who are a few months older than you, and you played with a little girl who is just a month younger than you.  Other than swatting at them a few times, you were great!!  I can't wait until we go back for more play time!!

I love you little girl... I just hope you love me just as much.  I don't know if that is possible though :)

Love you always,


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say Cheese!

Last Saturday we got new photos done by Jen Seay Photography-  my favorite local photographer (she did our engagement, wedding and Abigails 2 week pics). 

We headed over to the campus of Salisbury University for some '8 month' shots.  There was no special reason to get these done other than the fact that we hadn't gotten pictures done in some time and I just felt the itch to have some down outdoors now that the weather is nice!

I thought they turned out right nice!!!  She didn't smile as big as she usually does for the camera, but I thought Jen did a great job of capturing Abigail's personality.... There are some great ones of Ryan and Abigail as wel!!

You can check out the pictures here  at Jen Seay's photography website.  Let me know which ones we should order, if not all!! (Ryan will probably say "....yet another picture frame in this house?!?)  But she's just SO darling!!

PS... If you want to see how much Abigail has grown in almost 8 months, check out her 2 weeks photos here

Friday, June 10, 2011

Double Trouble

My husband predicted this.  He always said that once Abigail gets a little bigger, then Camden (our black labrador retriever 'puppy') and Abigail will get into trouble together.

Abigail has been "crawling" now for a few weeks.  This week they have definitely gotten into "trouble" together.  I had to snap a photo on Wednesday when they both got into my purse!!

Yesterday Abigail got ahold of a water bottle and somehow got the cap off and it got all over the floor... Camden helped me by "cleaning" the floor (AKA licking up the water).

Today Abigail knocked over Camden's water bowl and was laying in the water on the floor, splashing.  I definitely think my daughter loves the water!

All in all, Camden has done exceptionally well adjusting to having a baby in the house and sharing her spotlight with Abigail. She has her moments, but she has been good. For the most part, they get along.  Camden likes her space though.

Ryan and I both predict that in about a year's time, they will be bestest buds :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Check It Out

Last week Marah over at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife asked me to be a "guest" on her blog. Every Thursday she is part of a weekly  Breastfeeding Blog Hop.  The topic this week is breastfeeding and working, and since Marah is a stay at home mom, she asked me to share my experiences.

You can read all about my experiences breastfeeding Abigail and working over at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife!!!

Let me know what you think- this is a first time for "guest" blogging for me!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Girl Bathtime!

Abigail is getting to be such a big girl, and so fast!!  Last week we (meaning Abigail and I), collectively decided that she is big enough to have bathtime in the big tub, minus her "baby" tub. 

She loved it!!

She loved to splash- in fact, that is just about all she did!! I was soaked just by sitting on the floor next to the tub! 

I need to get her a few more bath toys and she will be good to go.  

I cannot believe how fast she is growing.  Such a big girl now!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Getaway

We went up to Pennsylvania this past weekend (for those of you who don't know, Ryan is from PA).   I left work early on Friday, picked up Abigail from daycare, then went home and packed everything up, loaded up the dog, and we headed to Sykeville to pick up Ryan from the academy.  

His goal was for me to be there when he got dismissed for the weekend, but it didn't work out that way and I didn't arrive until after 6:00.  His friends had already headed to dinner.  He really wanted me to meet his buddies, so we headed to the restaurant- I mean bar. Yes, we took Abigail into a bar. Well, it was a restaurant/bar....but mostly bar. Anywho, we just said hi to his friends, some of them palyed with Abigail, and then Ryan and I grabbed something to eat(not at the bar!) and headed to Waynesboro.

It was a good weekend but oh so tiring.  Saturday we got to see Emilee, Ryan's niece, play soccer.  I think it was her last game.  We made it for the last few minutes.  Everyone enjoyed visiting with Abigail. 

                                         Abigail hanging out with Aunt Jen!!
Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding- Ryan's good friend's sister, Janelle got married.  It was a beautiful wedding and of course I forgot to bring my camera batteries to the wedding, so no pictures because the battery was dead that was in it!! Abigail came with us, and she was an angel, as always.  It was a wonderful time.  Then we stopped by and visited with the Shank family after the wedding reception.  Ethan and Laynie loved all over Abigail.  Needless to say, it was a late night. But good times :)

Sunday we had a cookout at Ryan's mom's house.  Ryan's aunt came over, and his brother came up from Virginia.  Ryan's sister Jen and her husband and daughters (ryans nieces) Alyson and Emilee came over, and Justin stopped by, and it was a nice time.

Then we packed up and headed out back to Sykesville, which is only a little over 1 hr from Waynesboro.  I always hate saying goodbye to Ryan, but I had to do it :(  It was neat to see his room though- it's basically a dorm room.  And the cleanest bathroom I have ever seen him keep! (Because he has to!)  The ride home was long for me.  I didn't get home until after 9 and then up for work early Monday morning. 

This week has been BLAH so far- I just can't wait for this Friday to see my hunny again.  This is week 11 down-  then it will be 15 to go.   Almost halfway through....

 Check out the two bottom "toofers"!

Will post more on Abigail and her latest later, maybe tomorrow.