Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Second of Standing

Abigail has been pulling up (on everything!) for quite awhile now.  Just recently, maybe in the past few weeks, she has started to stand on her own for just a few seconds.  Not all of the time, but every now and then we can get her to do it. She is also starting to let go of things she is holding onto, when she is playing and whatnot, for a few seconds at a time.  Until she realizes she isn't holding onto anything and she reaches for something again!

I guess to some people it doesn't seem like it's that big of a deal, but to me it is.  She is still learning to get her balance without holding onto anything, and once this happens- eventually she will be taking steps!! What huge milestones she is making. 

It is just crazy!!! Last night I was "practicing" with her and she stood for a few seconds, then plopped back down on her hiney, and then one second later, she was standing again, ON HER OWN! I was flipping out, haha.  She wouldn't do it anymore after that.  I really thought maybe I was seeing something that really didn't happen! But she really did do that. 

She is just growing up too fast!

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