Monday, August 15, 2011

The Pooping Chamber

(Reader Beware- the following post is about poop).

Abigail loves to poop.  What baby doesn't?  It is actually quite humerous to watch her when she is pooping... well maybe, it shouldn't be.  But to me it is.  She grunts and groans.  Her face turns red... she makes funny noises...poor thing.  Again-  it shouldn't be entertaining, but it is. 

It seems that EVERY single time I place her in her highchair seat.... she starts to poop.  Especially when it's dinner time.  She could have just pooped 15 minutes ago.... and then as soon as she starts to eat, she poops again.   So I have started calling her highchair seat the "pooping chamber".  I don't know where I came up with that.

I guess what goes in must come out right?  She has to make room for her dinner as soon as she starts eating her dinner. 

But it's so frustrating sometimes! As soon as she starts to eat really well....she starts to poop.  And she starts the grunting.  And the pushing.   I am not sure if she is constipated or not, but I've heard that apple juice can help with constipation so I try to give her some of that in her sippy cup.  She really doesn't drink much from her sippy cup so I don't think that's helping much.  Like I said, I am not sure she is completely constipated, I think it is just difficult for her to poop when sitting up in a chair!

Regardless,  it is sure humerous......I know it's pooping time when she gets that look on her face at dinner time!

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