Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Months Gone By

My Sweet Little Girl,

You are such a BIG girl now!!  You are just too cute.  You are really really growing... too fast, in my opinion.  It seems every month you are making leaps and bounds... literally!! 

Let's see, in the past month... I think you have managed to get into every nook and cranny of our house!  You love pulling up on EVERYTHING you can manage to pull up on, and you are quite the crawler now.  Boy you can motor across that floor.  If I am in the other room, I hear you plowing along, and next thing I know, your face is popping around the corner to where I am.  You love to be where I am.  And I love to be where you are. 

You also love to get into the bathroom.  You have discovered toilet paper now.  I have to admit, you certainly make me chuckle.

Lately, you have started standing on your own...very briefly.  It's so cute.  Sometimes I will work with you to get you to stand, or you will just simply let go of whatever you are holding onto, for a few seconds.  Then plop! Down you go on your behind.  At least it's nice and padded, since you have a fluffy butt.

You LOVE my cell phone.  You have your own toy phone, but it's not good enough.  you play with that, but then when you see mine, you want it.  I gave you my old cell phone, so that entertained you for awhile.  Then you went back to wanting mine.

And if you want something...boy you do everything you can to get it.  Sometimes we sit on the couch, just hanging out, and all you want to do is climb up to the top of the couch, or climb to the end table... you are a monkey!!

Have I Ever told you how much I love you?  I want to tell you that every single day of your life.  I hope you grow up to never forget it. 

You are doing so great, with everything.  You eat well... you are still eating baby food, but you are eating more and more table food.  You LOVE cheese.  Any kind- whether it's shredded or little pieces of sliced cheese.  You just love it.  You basically eat whenever I put in front of you.  You are also still breastfeeding, which I don't think you will stop anytime soon... Mommy is proud that we have succeeded with it this far.  We will go as long as you want. 

You still miss your Daddy throughout the week, but boy you enjoy spending time with him when he is home on weekends.  I bet you can't wait until he done with this training and we get to see him every day again!

You are back to your normal sleeping pattern again...thank goodness.  You sleep sooo well.  Sometimes you might wake up in the middle of the night, and I nurse you, and then you fall right back asleep until morning.  Mommy doesn't mind that... as long as you are not up fussing all night!

Speaking of fussing... you are cutting a top tooth right now!  And Mommy wouldn't be able to tell, because you are NOT cranky at all! In fact, the tooth has already broken through the gums and the only reason I know is because I could see and feel it!  You are such a tough little girl!!

I can't believe in a few short months, you will be one year old.  How in the world has the time gone by that fast?  AHH.  Soon you will be talking!! You are not quite talking at the moment, but you sure can babble.  I can't wait until the moment you say dada and mama.  I think my heart will melt. 

Well my little girl.  You are growing up so fast.  I cannot wait to find out what is in store for us the next few months!!

Love Always,

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  1. She is so adorable mama!! Thanks for leaving your blog link on my blog. I love visiting other blogs, especially those of people who read mine :)

    Funny, Lil' J LOVES my phone too! I gave her my old iphone and she seems to like it. She cracked it, which doesn't make me very happy but oh well, she still pretends to talk on it and it plays music and videos so I guess it's ok.

    My husband is in police training right now too. In our city academy. Not as long as a drive as yours but it's 8 months long. I can't wait until it's over cause he's getting his butt whipped! haha.