Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Home

I've been in somewhat of a funk lately where I just want to stay home, for the most part.  Usually I just love being on the go, but lately I just want to be home, which is quite unusual for me.   Maybe it's a bit of the hot weather and I just don't have anywhere I really want or need to be.

I did go out with an old friend once last week, we checked out Hobby Lobby, a new store that recently opened in town... talk about a HUGE store!! I love their selection of scrapbooking materials, mostly the stickers, they have brands that Michaels doesn't carry.  It seems to carry a lot of Christian decor items... and was playing Christian music over the speakers... I notice things like that.  Plus they are closed on Sundays.  There are not many businessess these days that are closed on Sundays.  Anywho, My friend and I checked out the store, and then had ice cream.  It was good times :)

Ryan was able to come home this weekend...  It felt like forever to get to Friday for me!!  What a long week last week was.  Tuesday we got blown away at work with news about the future of our company...  Not sure if it's good or bad.  We are trying to stay positive about this news, but we don't know much about it yet...  I am sticking to my "rock", and not going anywhere,  that is all I know.  Well, unless I am let go.  Hopefully that won't happen, but we never know... I won't go into details because we really don't know much yet.... but it was just a complete surprise and it threw us for a loop last week, as they say. 

To make matters worse, last week was the last week for our clinic manager, who was a GREAT boss to me.  I will truly miss her... Dawn was just wonderful to work for.  She was the one who hired me, and she just kept our unit close, and kept it going.  She is moving to Florida, she couldn't pass up the opportunity and I don't blame her.  However, there is no replacement at the moment.  It. Is. Going. To. Be. Interesting.

Not quite sure how much I will be liking the changes to come.    But that is what life is full of, right?

PLUS I am getting just a tad bit anxious about where Ryan will be stationed once he graduates.... he is hoping for the barracks located right in our town, or the barracks that  are within 30 minutes away... he is hoping to find out soon, but it seems like "soon" is so far away.  I know it's not really, but sometimes just feels like it!

Anyway, back to what I was saying at the start.  The week seemed to drrrragggg on.  Maybe it was because I hadn't seen Ryan since almost 2 weeks before... maybe it was all of everything going on at work... maybe it was just me.  Who knows. 

Friday finally came.  Yay!  Ryan surprised me and didn't call me right when he got out of the academy at 2:45- which is SUPER EARLY, by the way.  He was HOME by 5:45!!  I was super excited!  He usually doesn't get home until 8..... sometimes 9 or later.  So It was soo nice to see him before dark!

Of course, he is such a busy body, and came home and immediately went to work, cutting the grass, so he wouldn't have to do it come saturday morning.  He thinks ahead :)

But it was soooo nice to have him home at a reasonable hour on Friday night!  Of course Saturday morning rolls around, and he still goes and does yard work again!! But it took him a lot less time since he had already gotten the grass cut and that out of the way.

So we spent a wonderful weekend together... just doing nothing.  A few errands, but mostly just stayed home.  Sometimes it's nice just to be home and just.... be.   I love those moments we have together.  I love just sitting and watching Ryan interact with his daughter.  The daughter he had a difficult time "getting ready" for, when we were discussing having children a few years ago...  The daughter who adores him, and whom he adores.   

Yea... she totally has food all over her face that I forgot to wipe off!!

This is NOT the greatest picture, but I was trying to get a "family" shot of us hanging out on the couch!

He is just a wonderful daddy.  I know he misses Abigail terribly when he is away during the week, but at least she won't remember this stage in life.  We are glad to go through this now, and not when she is older.

It's just a stage... preparing him for what is to come.   In seven short weeks, he will be graduating, and will be a state trooper.  Hard to believe.  I can't picture him wearing that Stetson!! I guess I will have to picture it on graduation day when he's right in front of me!

Well, I really don't have much else to talk about, other than just us having a wonderful weekend together.  I truly miss my hubby during the week, but we are doing okay :)  I am taking it one week at a time.  And that's about all I can do. 

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