Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week In Review

Well I let the past week get away from me without posting again.  Some nights I just don't feel like thinking of something to write.  Other nights it comes right to me.  Most nights this week I just didn't feel quite like it.  This week was somewhat more difficult than others, mainly because I wasn't able to talk to Ryan at all this week.  I got a few emails here and there, but he didn't have time to call me at night like I get used to.  I know it's a privelige for them to call, and not a guarantee but I still get used to  talking to him at least 4 times a week.  Then, it's difficult when I DO get to speak with him because I always have so many things to tell him and just not enough time!!  I email him a lot throughout the week letting him know what is  going on.  He doesn't always get to respond, but at least he can read them and know things are okay here. 

I don't want to whine and complain this post (I hope I don't sound like that is all I am doing!) but on a more positive note-  He only has EIGHT more weeks!  Woo Hoo!

I am now starting to worry (just a teeny bit) about where he will be placed.  He thinks he will probably find out in a few weeks... in the back of my mind, I just have that nagging thought about "what if" he gets stationed across the bridge.... I don't really want to have to sell our house, plus we have Pop Pop's house, and just.... it would be a lot.  I am just praying for God to give me peace over this.  Whatever happens, I know it's God's path for us.  I just don't like not knowing!!

Anyway.  Abigail is doing great!!  The weeks fly by.  It's rediculous.  She's already 9 1/2 months, she will be 10 months soon!!

We had lunch with an old friend of mine on Thursday, and then she came over to take a look at Abigail's newborn clothes, to borrow some.  I couldn't believe how small Abigail's little patootie was!  Then it got me thinking about when she was born.... just how much I fell in love with her that day.... gosh, it goes by so fast... but I will never forget it.  Makes me want another one!! I love having my dear little daughter, and this might sound strange, but I miss being pregnant, in a way.  I definitely want a few more, but just not so soon!!  We will love on just Abigail for awhile more :)

Abigail loves to follow me around the house.  If I am cooking in the kitchen, I look down and she is pulling herself up on my legs. 

She has been carrying around this little book lately.  It's really cute to see her crawl with that in her hands.  Something about that particular book- she will dig it out of the basket, when there are plenty others that are in reach.

She has also "discovered" doors.  When I am sitting here in the computer/guest room, she plays with the door.  Next thing I know, the door is closed.  Then she opens it.  It's fascinating to her!  If I leave her on the living room floor and run outside (usually to load the car in the morning or when getting stuff from the car in the evening) she usually closes the door on me! Of course then I have to sloowwwllly open it so I don't bump her in the head because she's usually sitting right there! 

She is a crazy little girl. But I love her to pieces.  Ryan couldn't come home this weekend  but Abigail and I have gotten some great quality time.  She enjoys hanging out on the couch with me, just crawling all over the place.  She is quite an active little girl.  If she sees something she wants, she finds a way to get it!!  Lately, she has become ticklish.  I love tickling her, and hearing her true giggle and laugh.  It just makes me want to hug and kiss allll over her, when I hear that giggle.  I wish I could get a recording of it.  I have tried but then she doesn't really do it!! Someday I will so I can post on here.

She has been eating "big people" food really well lately also!  Of course, she still gets her baby (jarred) food, usually stage 2 or 3, depending.  But she LOVES shredded cheese!  I have been trying to expand to other things.  Last night I gave her little bits of my chicken, and green beans and some rice,  she actually ate it!  She has had egg, toast, crackers, potatoes, and other things I can't really think of.  She LOVES these little puff things that look like mini cheese puffs but are vegetable flavored.  Not the star puffs (she loves those too) but these are puffed out like cheese puffs are.  She is doing REALLY great at feeding herself.  We have also started her on a sippy cup, she has one at daycare and one at home.  I don't think she drinks MUCH from it,  but she knows how to.  She takes a few sips here or there but she loves to just suck on the nozzle more than actually suck to drink.  I think she would still rather breastfeed, which is fine with me :)  She hasn't really slowed down much with that... which again, is fine with me. 

I think that is all of the updates in my world.  This week will be rough at work... my boss is leaving, moving to Florida.  Dawn has been the greatest supervisor... I have been blessed having great supervisors, at all places I have worked.... I am nervous about who they will get to replace her eventually.. Dawn has been great as far as working with my schedule if I need a different day off then my designated day.  I will really really miss her.  I am praying that things will work out in the clinic, since there is no replacement yet.  It's a difficult job to find someone for, so I hope God has someone in mind....

Well, as (Porky Pig?) says at the end of Looney Tunes.... "that's all, folks!"

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