Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heartburn... but no hair!

There is an old wives tail saying that if you have heartburn during your pregnancy, then your baby will be born with a full head of hair.  Or something of that nature.  I don't really believe old wives tails, but I thought maybe something could be true about this.

I started having heartburn in May.  I had never experienced that before, so I Remember the first time having it very vividly.  We were traveling along Rt. 13 south on Virginia towards the Bay Bridge Tunnel, on our way to Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I had this terrible feeling in my chest, like a burning sensation kind of worked its way to my throat.  Very weird feeling.  I Had been drinking coffee that morning because we left at like 3 am.  When we stopped at the bay bridge tunnel gift shop, I Got rolaids.  That didn't help much.

So begins the terrible heartburn.

The entire rest of the pregnancy, it was bad.  Everything I Ate gave me heartburn! I was popping tums like candy.  I got so tired of tums, but didn't really have achoice! I tried all of the things I Read about, to try and reduce the heartburn but it didn't work! 

To this day, I never want another tums.  (unless I get pregnant again and I won't have a choice!)

Anyway, back to the old wives tail.. So, as much heartburn as I experienced I thought FOR SURE that Abigail would have a full head of hair.  Like, without a doubt, I figured she would.  When looking at my family and Ryan, I had a feeling it would be full of RED HAIR.  My mother in law was praying for this.  Ryan definitely wanted her to have red hair also... I Wasn't necessarily praying for RED hair, but just hair :)

Well, my little girly came into this world- and hardly any hair!!  I was so surprised!  However, the little amount of hair that she DID Have when she was born, did have a slightly redish 'tint' to it.  Mom was happy.  Barb was happy.  Ryan was all smiles about that. Me?  Well, I just love her to pieces no matter what color it is. 

And, a little over 4 months later... she still doesn't really have any hair!! I am by no means a girly girl, but I Was looking forward to putting barrettes in her hair! No barrettes for this girl yet :( 

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