Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 Months Old- Already??

Tuesday was February 15th- that meant Abigail turned 4 months old already!! I cannot believe how big she is.  We go to the doctor tomorrow (Friday) for a well check.  I can't wait to see what she weighs.  Here is her 4 month picture:

What a happy little girl!  She loves to laugh and smile.  I love coming home from work, and she is always in daddy's arms, just waiting for mommy :) 

Things have been really crazy lately, between work, home, various things with church, and just everything else, so I haven't has time to post much. It's all I can do to get home and get things done around the house and get to bed at a reasonable time to get up for work the next morning.  Work has been VERY stressful and busy as well. I Hope I get some down time and soon!

Abigail must be going through a growth spurt because a few nights this week, she woke up numerous times hungry (I am assuming that was the problem).  I got spoiled for months because she had been sleeping without waking up, so I had a difficult time getting up to feed her! Last night she finally slept through the night again, but I didn't sleep well  myself, because I was half awake listening for her throughout the night. 

I hope to get some time this weekend to post more. 


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  1. Yes, Anna and Abigail are very close in age. Anna was born Nov. 22. Their names sound good together--like they should be friends. I'm up for play dates whenever you are ready. Moms need play dates when babies are little!