Monday, February 21, 2011

Cute Baby Booties!

A few weeks ago I read this post over at Diary of a Devil Dog Wife and fell in LOVE with a pair of baby booties that she made!! Marah is so talented and creative!! I immediately sent her a message telling her how much I loved the booties, and she said she would make Abigail a pair!!

She went shopping for some different fabric and sent me a picture of what she came up with, and I just loved it!!!  So she went to work and made a pair for Abigail!! I received the finished product in the mail on Saturday, and I have to say- she does great work!! Even Ryan thought they were adorable.  I just loved the color combinations. 

They are still a bit big on Abigail's tiny little feetsies, but I can't wait until her feet are big enough to wear them!! Of course, I had to go ahead and try them on her anyway!

She is checking them over, I think she likes!

 Thanks, Marah!!

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