Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

For those of you wondering, Abigail has been wearing cloth diapers for the past week or so, on and off.  We only have a few and she goes through them so quickly!

You can see she is wearing cloth diapers in the follow picture.  She looks so happy!

So far, it is going well in general and I think we can say that we like them  :) Just gotta get daddy on board.  Well, he's on board but just a little unsure when I'm not home right now. He hasn't used them unless I am home. I continue to educate him :)

We are cloth diapering "part time" right now, until we get a better "stash".  I just sent back the diapers we don't care for (to Jillians Drawers) and I have purchased a few more over the internet at various websites. 

Abigail wearing her BumGenius! 4.0 One Size.  You can't tell because her shirt is in the way, but this one is hook and loop closure (velcro).  It is nice because it will fit her until she reaches up to 35 lbs! There are snaps that help to adjust the diaper to the size she needs at the moment.  The inside is a very soft sueded material, which stays dry and the liner in the pocket absorbs all of the moisture.  They really fit her well and she seems to like them!  They have washed very well, and no stains so far!! 

 Now, Abigail seems to like them... we just need to get Ryan comfortable with them! 

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