Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sunday Abigail was baptised.  It was a family affair- Ryan's mom, aunt, brother and our sister in law came down for the weekend.  Abigail was baptised at Grace United Methodist Church, there church were I grew up, where we got married, and now Ryan and I continue to attend. 

Of course we dolled Abigail up... she had a beautiful baptism gown complete with white socks and booties.  She looked like an angel. 

Some of us thought she looked like a little amish girl with her cap on!  (Don't mind my frowny face, I am not sure why I looked like that!)

We welcomed her into God's family.  I just pray that Abigail grows up to know and love God as we do, and that she will come to live her life loving God and loving others.  I pray that we can teach her and that she is willing to listen and learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ, and what God has in store for her life.  She is a blessed baby, and we are very blessed to have her. 

She did so well during the baptism!  She let out one cry at the first touch of water on her forehead, then she calmed down.  It must have all been too much for her, because she passed out in Nan's arms for the rest of the church service!

After the church service, there was a reception and then our family went to lunch. 

It was overall a very nice weekend indeed.  Very tiring (we took a nap Sunday afternoon) but well worth it.


  1. What a great story! Abigail is really growing and truly so beautiful! I loved seeing all the pics!

  2. This is awesome :) We belong to a very large Christian church and they do all of the baby dedications together on one day...So his dedication service isnt until May.