Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Change in Eating Habits...

Abigail hasn't been eating as much the past week or so, or maybe longer.  When we first started daycare, (March 28th) it seemed she wasn't getting enough milk- apparently she would always appear thirsty after finishing her bottles.  At that time, she was getting about 5 oz. at a time, whcih was the most she'd ever had at one time (in bottle anyway).  I increased to about 6-7 oz, depending on how much I had available, and I also started pumping other times of the day (early morning, later at night) to get more milk to keep up with her.  That seemed sufficient. At times I thought we would have to start supplementing with formula but so far we haven't had to.

Now it seems the past few weeks she hasn't been finishing her bottles at daycare, she's been leaving milk in there.  Sometimes there is 1-2 oz left.  I hate wasting my precious breastmilk, my liquid gold, but it's not supposed to be kept after it's been heated already. I am not quite sure what is going on with her.  I guess it could be any number of things: 

1- She is very mobile now, crawling/scooting everywhere.  If I am holding her, she wants to be down on the ground playing or scooting.  She just loves exploring- she is at that age now!  Sometimes she seems too "busy" to eat.

2- She seems to get very distracted while nursing at times. Her daycare provider says the same thing about her drinking her bottles.  When there is a lot going on, she tends not to want to nurse or drink from a bottle.  Sometimes at home, I try to turn the TV off and make sure the lights are low, and especially make sure no one is in the room, especially daddy...but sometimes this doesn't work either.  She still wants to twist and turn and look all around. She hates missing things.  I am not sure what to do about that.

3- She has recently gotten 2 bottom teeth in.  Maybe she just isn't feeling well because she's been teething, and therefore just hasn't wanted to eat much. I think I read somewhere that some baby's eating habits change when they are teething.

4- Maybe she is just full!  Abigail has also been getting baby food to supplement her bottles, mostly at daycare.  Maybe between the both, she is just flat out full.  Although at times, she doesn't seem to want the baby food as much either.  She doesn't seem fussy, like she's hungry, or not getting enough milk... she seems content, just squirmy!  Like tonight, she barely nursed before bed, but she went down without fussing and has been sleeping for 1 1/2 hours with no peep out of her... I would assume if she was hungry she never would have fallen asleep in the first place!  

She is just puzzling lately.  Sometimes I wish I could read her mind to find out if there really is a problem or if it's just another phase she is going through.  I really hope that she's not growing disinterested in breastfeeding... I have heard of that happening. I have been gone longer days now, so I try to make up for it and breastfeed as often as she wants when we are home,  but I don't know what is going on. We have made it this far, I hope we don't have to stop now.  I am sure it will pick back up again, (I hope so anyway) but I can't help but worry.  I mean, that's what moms do, right? 

Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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  1. i think this is pretty common when the become mobile. just keep offering. some days i still wonder how kolt gets enough nutrition. but, they will eat when they are hungry. hang in there. i know you will make it! :)