Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost 10 Down...

Ryan's academy is 26 weeks long.  26 L-O-N-G weeks.  After this Friday, he will have 10 weeks down. Then 16 more to go. 

On one hand, it seems like it's dragged by slowly...but then again, on the other hand it seems like it's flown by so far. It seems like we just got that phone call that he was accepted.

It gets difficult during the week, being the only one home at night.  I get really down and lonely at times.  I always look forward to Friday.  I can't imagine if he didn't get to come home weekends what it would be like...very very difficult.  I have been fortunate that he has only had to stay there one weekend so far.

A good thing about doing this now is Abigail won't remember this.  If he was going through this when she is older, it would be much much more difficult for her to be away from her daddy.  But right now, she won't remember.  But she knows him when he walks in that door Friday night, or her bedroom Saturday morning!

I think most of all, I just miss having my best friend to share everything with. Having someone here to talk to about life.  Heck,  I miss being able to call him or just talk to him whenever I want to... my husband is my best friend in the world, and I tell him everything.  I miss being able to come home from work and tell him something about my day. 

Some days I get to talk to him on the phone, but there are nights, like tonight, that he isn't able to call or email.  That is most difficult for me, when we don't get to talk at all and I don't know how his day went.  But I know he misses me and think of me often.

He has lost quite a bit of weight since being in the academy- I won't say how much, but a substantial amount. He looks great though!!  If any of you out there want to lose weight and want to be in the state police- just go through the academy- that will help you lose weight!! 

He is also doing well academically... Right now as far as he knows, he is in the top 10 out of 68 candidates in the class, based on their GPA.  I am so proud of my honey- he works so hard, and studies hard.  It pays off.  We are hoping that helps his chances of getting placed in a barrack on the Eastern Shore. 

Almost 10 weeks down...16 to go.  He will graduate a few weeks before Abigails' big 1 year birthday-  can't wait! 

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