Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Memory of Heather...

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a celebration of the life of Heather Marie Jones.  Heather passed away last week on May 31st, from cystic fibrosis. She died the day after her 26th birthday. You can read more about cystric fibrosis here, but it's something Heather battled her entire life.  And let me tell you, Heather battled this disease.  With her entire being.  She spent many many days in hospitals.  She missed many events here at home because of being in the hospital many times throughout ther life.  However, she was always so very positive throughout it all. 

But in the end, God called her home to be with Him.  Sometimes it's so very hard to understand why God does the things He does.  

Heather and I were in youth group together at Grace UMC, back in middle/high school.  She was truly the only person I have ever met who could talk more (and faster!) than I could!!  We were really close back then, and haven't been as close in the more recent years, but I loved that girl.  She was such a fighter, especially when it came to being sick.

She loved to talk, and she loved to talk about country music!! Especially Kenny Chesney. He was definitely her favorite.  I remember back in youth group, it seemed she was always going to a concert somewhere!!!

Someone mentioned yesterday that Heather never complained about being sick-  You would never hear a complaint come out of her mouth.  In fact, many never knew she was sick unless they were told.

I remember that about her, and that really woke me up -  there are people in this world who go through so much, and they never complain.  And then here I am, complaining that I am tired, or have a headache.  We don't have a clue what people suffer through. It makes me never want to complain ever again.  I go through nothing compared to what Heather went through, or even other people who are sick.

Heather was a wonderful person, with a great personality and a beautiful smile.  I loved her dearly.  Her bright and bounding personality will be missed. 

Heaven truly welcomed another angel on May 31st.


  1. connie,thank you!that was so touching for lisa and I.thank you. Jeff and lisa,Heathers parents

  2. u said it all.....god bless

  3. sounds like you were a wonderful friend to heather. god bless u....

  4. I just want to say my heart was broken to have such a beautiful young girl be taken from her family and friends I went to school with Lisa and Jeff and spent a few summers at the pool with Lisa baby Jeff lol and Heather. I can't tell you the joy that sweetheart brought to my days. She was a tough little cookie...coughing and spitting but would conquer anything thrown at her. Her determination definitly influenc eed many people including myself. Years went by but I never forgot her and never will. She had the perfect parents and brother and my heart goes out to all of you. Prayers kept her with you 26 years. What a trooper she was. Angels are with you and she is now one of them. Love you all! Marcia