Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say Cheese!

Last Saturday we got new photos done by Jen Seay Photography-  my favorite local photographer (she did our engagement, wedding and Abigails 2 week pics). 

We headed over to the campus of Salisbury University for some '8 month' shots.  There was no special reason to get these done other than the fact that we hadn't gotten pictures done in some time and I just felt the itch to have some down outdoors now that the weather is nice!

I thought they turned out right nice!!!  She didn't smile as big as she usually does for the camera, but I thought Jen did a great job of capturing Abigail's personality.... There are some great ones of Ryan and Abigail as wel!!

You can check out the pictures here  at Jen Seay's photography website.  Let me know which ones we should order, if not all!! (Ryan will probably say "....yet another picture frame in this house?!?)  But she's just SO darling!!

PS... If you want to see how much Abigail has grown in almost 8 months, check out her 2 weeks photos here

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