Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 Months

My Dearest Abigail,

Where oh where does the time go, my precious little girl?  It seems I was just writing your 7 month letter, and now 8 months came right around the corner!! I don't understand this.  How are you growing so fast??  You are not my little baby girl anymore- are,  and you always will be, but you are growing up so quickly!!  Almost too quickly!!

So much has happened this past month... you are quite the little mover now!!! You were
"Creeping" for awhile, but now you have the crawling thing down.  You can go from room to room.  I know soon we will have to put a gate at the bottom of the stars... you haven't quite discovered the stairs yet, but I know it's soon.

You are just so beautiful.... your daddy and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and wonderful child... We are so blessed to have you.  Mommy always thought she wanted boys because she was never "girly",  but she loves her little girl!!!

I caught you the other day opening the drawers to the coffee table and pulling things out.  You love to pull down magazines, newspapers, anything with paper.  You and Camden are perfect for each other- you both love to chew on and rip up paper! I Have to be careful so I get it away from you before you eat it.

Just last weekend you figured out how to sit up when you are down on your belly.  One minute you were lying on the floor, the next you were sitting up!! Big girl!!

And just this week you have started pulling up on furniture!!! You first did it in your crib and then did it on the couch during the week.... I cannot believe it!

You are really coming into your own always have had it, but it's coming out more and stronger now.  You love to smile.  Such a smiley baby!

You got 2 bottom teeth in!!! I cannot believe this.  You are a tough little girl because you never gave me any signs that you were teething... You always sucked your fingers anyway so that didn't help me.  We didn't really know you were teething until the tooth was coming up, and then we felt it! And then #2 came right up next to it!!

You have been eating more and more baby food this past month... you don't care for certain veggies but you LOVE bananas and you love sweet potatoes.  You are finiky though.. Some nights you will eat an entire jar, and the next night you won't want any.  You eat well for for your daycare provider most days. Some days lately you are unpredictable with what you will eat.

Although you are getting baby food, you still want your mommy's milk!!  Yes, we have made it to 8 months of breastfeeding now.  I don't have a doubt that it will continue until 1 year, or whenever you want it to stop.  I know when that time comes, I will be sad, but I know you are growing and are going to want to eat the food that mommy and daddy eat.

Daddy still is gone during the weeks but you sure enjoy your time with him when he comes home.  He plays with you, and reads to you (sometimes!)  Daddy isn't a big reader, but I hope that you come to be!

Now you take baths in the big bathtub, and you just LOVE LOVE it!!! You splash and play.  You get mommy soaked.  Sometimes I just have to hop in there with you!

you take after your mommy in so many ways...sometimes when you are determined, you get a very strongly determined look on your face- even if you are just playing!!

8 Months has already passed by... I know the next time I turn around, you will be 1 year old.  I don't know what I will do.  I often look at pictures from when you were born and can't believe you have grown so much in so short of a time period!!

You had a few playdates within the past month....  in the same day!! You played with twin girls who are a few months older than you, and you played with a little girl who is just a month younger than you.  Other than swatting at them a few times, you were great!!  I can't wait until we go back for more play time!!

I love you little girl... I just hope you love me just as much.  I don't know if that is possible though :)

Love you always,



  1. They really do grow up too fast! Logan is still army crawling, but it wont be long and he will be going from room to room like your little lady! she is adorable!
    Did you figure out the headbands?

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    1. I did that with my girls when they were young but ,stoppped as they start to talk too much ,bathing one at 6 and asked why I never touch her like I use to when I bath her like I did when she was little , I asked her did she like it and she said it kinda felt nice so I put my hand between her legs and started touching her and asked her should I stop, she said no so I gave her an orgasm and we did stuff all the time from then on until she got engaged, she was 10 the first time I f----d her