Friday, June 10, 2011

Double Trouble

My husband predicted this.  He always said that once Abigail gets a little bigger, then Camden (our black labrador retriever 'puppy') and Abigail will get into trouble together.

Abigail has been "crawling" now for a few weeks.  This week they have definitely gotten into "trouble" together.  I had to snap a photo on Wednesday when they both got into my purse!!

Yesterday Abigail got ahold of a water bottle and somehow got the cap off and it got all over the floor... Camden helped me by "cleaning" the floor (AKA licking up the water).

Today Abigail knocked over Camden's water bowl and was laying in the water on the floor, splashing.  I definitely think my daughter loves the water!

All in all, Camden has done exceptionally well adjusting to having a baby in the house and sharing her spotlight with Abigail. She has her moments, but she has been good. For the most part, they get along.  Camden likes her space though.

Ryan and I both predict that in about a year's time, they will be bestest buds :)

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