Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Many Changes

I know I haven't posted in awhile... last week ended up being completely crazy and chaotic, and so far this week, I just haven't really felt like writing. Plus have been sooo busy.  

The hubby and I spent majority of last weekend shopping, spending money on necessary items for the state police academy.  He had a long list of things he needed to bring.  And only allowed to bring what was on that list. I swear, we must have spent close to $800 on everything, if not even more then that.  That's a lot of money when it's unexpected.  I am saving the receipts for next year's taxes!  It was all things that he needed and has been wanting to buy in the past but didn't really have a good excuse (a new suit- required to wear when leaving/returning the academy every weekend) or just things on the list that he didn't already have.  Most everything he had to buy new that was on the list.   He had to buy specific shoes,  that were almost $120.00!!  But they were the exact ones he needed... so oh well. :/

We spent Saturday together getting his things packed and just spending time together. Sunday we packed everything up and drove to Sykesville Md, where the academy/training is.  We went separately- Ryan in his car with his gear, and myself and Abigail in the Equinox. That way, Ryan will have his car to come home.  There was a general orientation, then it split and the candidates went into another room and there was a session for the family of the candidates.  I Learned a few things at the orientation, but most I already knew since I had already read his manual.  That's what I Get for being nosy :)  There was opportunity for questions to be answered, which was good to listen to as well.  Kind of reassured a lot of us about some things. 

After the orientation ended, it was about 2:00, and we were able to head to Frederick and met Ryan's mom for dinner at Olive Garden- she doesn't live too far from Frederick. That was nice, and she was able to see Abigail. She was loving up on her. 

Speaking of Abigail- she loves traveling- she was an angel again!! She didn't fuss the entire day. 

After we met his mom, we ran a few errands around Frederick and then headed back to Sykesville..we were both dreading saying goodbye.  Ryan was anxious to get into his form and meet other guys... so we finally said goodbye, and I left around 7:30 that evening.... I actually didn't cry or get upset on the way home.  I tried to keep my mind off things, and tried to focus on the positive- I will get to see him this Friday.  The staff at orientation told us that they would definitely be home this weekend.  The rest of the weekends depends on how many demerits he gets throughout the weeks.  I hope he is able to come home majority of them.

Monday night, my cell phone rang at 8:54 and when I looked, it was Ryan!  I immediately thought something was wrong since I wasn't expecting him to call, but he was okay.  They gave permission for them to call their families for a few  minutes.  (they had warned us at orientation that we might not hear from them for the first week or so).  We talked for 4-5 minutes.  Not long but long enough.  Eased my worries for the day.  He was exhausted but was okay, he made it through the first day.  3 people dropped out already, brings the group down to 70. 

25 1/2 weeks to go.

Can't wait to see him Friday night.  Abigail, Camden and I miss him terribly.  If I knew I could communicate with him more, it might be easier.  I already have written him a letter and mailed it, but am afraid to send another one for fear it makes him more homesick.  I will ask him on Friday.  I wish he could get emails so I could send pictures of Abigail- it breaks my heart that he won't have access to internet while he's thereand will miss a lot throughout the weeks. But it's very strict training and they don't want the candidates to get side tracked and forget why they are there- I understand that.

Abigail is doing well-  My mom watched her yesterday and my aunt watched her today- it was the first time that someone watched her for longer than  a few hours- I was nervous t work, to say the least.  But she did fine... she starts at daycare on Friday- will just be 1 day a week for 3 weeks.  I am nervous about that as well! I am sure she will be okay, but the mom in me just worries constantly!

She can sit up on her own now... she's getting to be a big girl.  I haven't downloaded pictures from my camera yet, but I will post pictures soon. 

Abigail gets to meet my dear Auntie Deb and Uncle Richard tomorrow- they came to Salisbury from Swansboro NC today, and are in town until Sunday.  I only get to see her once, MAYBE twice a year, so I am soooooo super excited to 1) see her and 2) for her to meet Abigail!!! I will definitely be posting pictures of that too!

I heard a song on the Christian radio station the other day I really like and think Ryan will too- I think it's a new one by Kutless:

When every step is so hard to take
And all of my hope is fading away
When life is a mountain that I can not climb
You carry me, Jesus carry me.

You Are strength in my weakness
You are the refuge I seek
You are everything in me time of need
You are everything, You are everything I need
When every moment is more than I can take
And all of my strength is slipping away
When every breath gets harder me
You carry me, Jesus carry me....

I think I might send him the lyrics. It might help him through the next 6 months.

PS:  As I was writing this, he called again!  He just had a few minutes, but is continuing to do well. His Spirits were up and he sounded very positive!  I love my boy :) so proud of him so far.  Even if it's just the end of the 3rd day!

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  1. I am amazed at how much strength you have been given to get through these hurdles. May you continue to find peace and be blessed while waiting for Ryan to return.