Monday, March 7, 2011

Hubby Time

I love my hubby time :)

My husband started working in a local prison as a correctional officer in July 2009, basically a few weeks after my Pop Pop passed away.  Along with the new job came a new working schedule.  Goodbye to the days of Monday through Friday, 8-5.  Hello to working 7 days straight, sometimes 8.  I guess I have grown used to it over the past year and half... in some ways. In some ways, not. It is sure different now that Abigail is here. 

Before Abigail was born,  Ryan (such the supportive husband that he is) decided to change shifts at work.  We were (and still are!) trying to avoid putting our newborn chid in a daycare. We discussed the other possible shifts that he would switch to, and after much prayer and discussion, we thought that the 3-11 pm shift would be best.  He would still get home with enough time to get a decent night's sleep and ready to go with Abigail in the mornings.  My supervisor at my job was gracious enough to let me adjust my schedule so that I come in early (most days!) and leave early so I can be home by 2:00 pm when Ryan leaves for work.  I am fortunate and blessed to have a wonderful supervisor. 

It works out great.  Ryan gets home at 11:30 pm and he gets to sleep in every morning.  He is with Abigail during the day, getting his daddy-daughter time.  Then I come home from work, and he goes to work.  We have only needed someone to watch Abigail a few days here and there if I need to stay late at work and usually only for an hour or so.  But most of the time, I am home in time to kiss my hubby, find out how much Abigail has pooped that day, (haha) when she was last fed, and when she had her naps.  Then it's off to work he goes.  Sometimes I get home early enough to talk to him a little bit more while he's getting ready for work.  Sometimes not.  It's those days that wear on me after so many days in a row of that. I love my hubby time.  I love sharing moments of my day with him.

However, I also  LOVE LOVE LOVE my time with my Abigail in the afternoons and evenings. But I sure do miss my husband on those nights too.  Some nights I don't know what to do with myself, I get in ruts where it's the same ole same ole.  This winter has been so cold, I Haven't felt like taking Abigail out.  She hates getting all bundled up and into her carseat. Most days I come home, put my jammies on, and we are in for the night.  

I always look forward to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, because those are the days we can all sleep in together :)  I get to see and talk to my hubby before he leaves for work at 2:00.  Sometimes that is what gets me through the workweek.  (I Have off Fridays usually).

It does pay off eventually though, because when Ryan does have days off, it is always either a  Friday Saturday Sunday weekend off... or Monday through Thursday.  This week he had to work Monday day shift, his 8th day in a row, but he has off until Friday now.  So it works out.  He works hard at his job, as much as he might not enjoy it at times, and I am proud of him. He deserves those days off. 

I know there are families out there who don't get to spend much, if any time at all together... especially military families.  I am definitely not complaining about not seeing my husband... I am fortunate to have the time with him that I do. I have great respect for those military mommies whose husbands are deployed overseas.  It sure takes a strong woman to do that. 

But I just wanted to say that I cherish my time with Ryan and Abigail, the time we have together, the 3 of us (well 4, when includining Camden too) as a family.  Whatever the future holds, I know we will get through it. 

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