Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Favorite Visit

This past Wednesday my favorite couple from North Carolina came into town, Auntie Deb and Uncle Richard.  They came to visit Deb's dad who resides in an assisted living facility outside of Salisbury.  The last time I saw her was in August 2010 when she came for my baby shower!  They came to Salisbury Wednesday and left today.  Too short of a visit, but I was able to see them!

They stopped by the house on Thursday afternoon and we spent a little bit of time together.  They got to meet Abigail for the first time!  They were so excited to meet their great niece- maybe their only great niece?  Not sure about that.  Of course, I have been blessed with a wonderful baby and she was a doll for her great- aunt and uncle!

They spent a litle while with us and then they headed to Bivalve, (if you don't know where that is, it's the end of the earth on the Nanticoke River), where Auntie Deb (and my mom) grew up together. 

Auntie Deb is not my aunt by blood, but she might as well be.  I have always considered her my aunt, and she has always been close to our family.  She is my mom's best friend- they grew up together. 

I've joked before that we have so much in common, at times I wonder if she might be my mom?!  We have been super close since I was in college, and I truly enjoy spending time with her and Uncle Richard. I love taking trips down to NC to see them, or stopping to see them on our way to other parts of the south.

I am looking forward to taking Abigail down to Swansboro, NC to visit this summer! I am thinking about making a trip either if Ryan doesn't get to come home a weekend, or I will just take time off during the week.  I think I can handle Abigail on a  road trip, what do you think?  I am hoping to be able to take Abigail to NC for her first time, and I sure hope she comes to know Auntie Deb and Uncle Richard as well as I do, and I hope she loves them as dearly as I do.  :)

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