Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dinner with a Good Friend

I apoligize to my readers for not writing much this week!  It turned out to be a busy week.  Ryan was off from work Tuesday through Thursday, so I tend to not spend as much time on the computer when he is home. 

Wednesday night we headed to Easton to a good friend of mine's house, and had dinner with her and her husband.  I went to Salisbury University with her, we both obtained our Masters in Social Work together. I know without a doubt that I would have struggled through that program moreso if it was not for her!!  We became friends in the fall of 2006 and were instant buddies.  The social work program was very intense and I was blessed to have a friend like her for support.  We grew very close during our time at Salisbury University, and she was even in my wedding after we graduated!!

We still keep in contact, but probably not as much as we should, due to our busy lives! I am very grateful for her friendship though.  She is a wondeful person, as is her husband and their family.  Easton is only about 1 hour away, just down the highway, but it becomes very difficult planning around both of our hectic schedules to spend some time together!!

We arrived at their (beautiful!) home a little after 7:00 and had a delicious dinner complete with cheesecake for dessert...yum yum.  We had only been to their home once  since they have bought it, so we enjoyed seeing all of the decor they added since we last visited!!

They don't have children yet, but they loved Abigail to pieces, of course!!! And, of course, she loved the attention.  I cannot wait until she has her own children so we can bring Abigail to play!

The last time she had seen Abigail was when she was about 1 week old...  I hope we don't go that long again without seeing each other!!!

Oh, another cool part of the evening was that I got a very belated birthday and Christmas gift!! I felt bad though, I forgot to bring hers :( There is always next time!

We didn't get home until almost 11:00 and I had to get up for work the next morning, but it was an evening well worth it.  We had such a wonderful time catching up with each other!! But as always, there is never enough time to catch up on everything! I found myself on the ride home, thinking about everything I forgot to ask about!! An excuse to get together again real soon!

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  1. Awww! You were both my life savers for my short life in the Master's program.