Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Time to Roll!!

This past Saturday was the first time Abigail actually rolled over from her back to her tummy.  She had rolled from tummy to back a few times the other week, but this one is the biggy.  Ryan was working and it was just Abigail and I.  We were lying together on the couch, and she was reaching up for one of her toys and all of a sudden she had rolled over! She wouldn't do it again though :(

Today, I layed her down on her playmat in the living room, and went into the other room for JUST a second to grab something.  I came back- she was on her tummy!! I know I laid her down on her back before I had left the room!

So I put her on her back again, and she promptly rolled over onto her tummy!! Then she did it again after that! I just had to grab my camera and video record it!! And my computer is actually reading the video now (for some reason it didn't use to!) She loved doing it, and kept doing it for awhile.

Then she pooped out and took a nap.  All that rolling over must have exhausted her!

So let it go down in the record books that Abigail is officially rolling over!  So many milestones....

And another one...

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