Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Do Not Be Afraid"

One of Ryan's favorite bible verses is Matthew 14:27-  But Jesus immediately said to them: "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."

It's a reminder that no matter what we go through in life,  God will always be with us.  We CAN step off of that boat and onto the water.  If we keep our eyes towards Jesus, then we will be okay.  If we falter and look towards the coming storm, we will fall down.  

Trusting that God will take care of us.  Knowing and having the faith that He will.  

We have had a whirlwind of the past week.  Last Friday was a wonderful day.  Abigail and I ended up going with Ryan to Baltimore, when he had to take his (3rd) polygraph.  It all worked out perfectly.  We got up there with time to spare, he had time to run into Walmart and shave (he forgot to at home!!) and we had lunch.  His polygraph was at 1:00 so I dropped him off. While he was doing that, Abigail and I ventured to baltimore city to Soft & Cozy Baby Boutique on Falls Road.  Cute little store!  I had somehow found it on the internet.  They were having a sale on bumgenius diapers, so we added a few to our stash, and also tried on baby carriers.  I am thinking hard about getting an ergo baby carrier- Abigail really seemed to like it. I walked around the store for quite a while "wearing" her.  No fussiness from her! 
We were done at the store and on our way through the city guided by my GPS to White Marsh when Ryan called and he was done, so we made our way back to Essex and picked him up.  That part worked out perfectly as well, but it's too long fo rme to type. Let's just say that God has impeccable timing.  Ryan had to wait a little bit for the results, but then he got a phone call and found out he PASSED!  He was sooo ecstatic.  However, the person who gave the polygraph didn't know when Ryan would be contacted, if at all, regarding training.  So we figured it would be a waiting game.  

Ryan was sooo relieved, he felt so much weight lifted off his shoulders.  He finally passed that darn test.  He was honest the entire time, but this time with a different person giving it, something showed different and it showed no deception.  Thank goodness. If my husband is one thing  then that is an honest and truthful man.  

Since he was in such a good mood and it was such a beautiful day,  we decided to head over to The Avenue at White Marsh- a cute little shopping area!! It was literally about 5 minutes from where his polygraph was- that worked out too!  It was a GORGEOUS day, in the 70's with the sun out! I just wanted the day to last forever.  We went to A.C. Moore, Barnes & Noble, Carters, and some other stores. 

In the meantime, while in Carters,  Ryan got a phone call from a recruiting sergeant and when he spoke with him, he was told that he was 99.9% approved for the academy, but his "packet" was to be reviewed by the review board today (tuesday) and that would be the final deciding factor.  The guy seemed really upbeat and positive that Ryan would be in the next academy training.  He said he would try to contact him Tuesday with the final decision.  We didn't want to get our hopes up- we wanted to be sure before we celebrated!  We still enjoyed our dinner at TGI Fridays anyway. 

Abigail was an angel the entire day.  She slept in her carseat when we were driving, was awake when I/we were shopping, slept most the way home, and STILL Slept the entire night once we got home!! It was wonderful- makes me want to take her back to Baltimore soon!  I know it won't always be that easy though....

The rest of the weekend flew by, of course, as all Ryan's weekend's off do. 

Today, he got a phone call while I was at work.  The little booger didn't even call me to tell me, he waited until I got home to tell me the news!!  The same sergeant called him and told him that it's official and he has been approved! 

He has to head to baltimore on Friday morning to sign his final offer and there is an orientation.  He then has to report for the academy (6 1/2 months) this coming Sunday Mach 27th.   

I am sooooo happy for him, it's what he's been wanting. It's what he feels led to do.  He wants to make a difference.  I am very proud of him, and I know he will be fine through training. 

We have a strong relationship.  Sure we will miss each other and I will have my "moments" but I know we will be fine.  We will come out strong on the other end.  I will still see him on weekends here and there.  The nights will be rough on me at times, I am sure, but I will get through it. 

However, the next 3 weeks will be really stressful for me.  We have a daycare lined up for Abigail but she can only do Fridays for now until mid-April when she will have a full time infant spot.  Between my family and friends, I think I can manage with finding people to watch Abigail while I work,  but it still stresses me out.  Only a select few people have watched her so far.  It makes me nervous! She's a good baby, I guess she will be fine.  I hope she will be.

So Ryan's last day at ECI will be tomorrow, Wednesday.  Friday he heads to Baltimore for the day, not sure how long he will be there.  We will have Saturday together, then Sunday he reports to training.  It's all so fast.  A little too fast.   We will get through it.

God will see us through it.  Jesus said "Take Courage- It is I.  Do not be afraid."

I willl definitely keep you all updated, as this spring and summer will definitely be treading into the unknown, in many many ways. 

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