Saturday, January 22, 2011

No pacifer for my girl

Abigail has always loved sucking on her fingers. At first it was to let us know she is hungry, but now she does it moreso to pacify herself, not necessarily because she is hungry. 

When we first brought her home from the hospital, she was VERY fussy at night time. She had her days/nights mixed up.  She wasn't fussy at all during the day, just after nursing at night she had trouble going back to sleep. My mother in law went out and bought a few different kinds of pacfiers that first week to see if that would help Abigail fall back asleep.

It did not. She spit those things out sooner then you could put them in.  She did not want anything to do with them. We tried silicone and latex.  I honestly didn't mind, because since I am breastfeeding, I did not want anything to interfere with her latch when she was just starting out. 

Since then, we tried a few other times, when she got really fussy a few times, but she really just doesn't like them.  Ryan's sister bought her some at Thanksgiving when we were visiting up in PA, and I tried to tell her she wouldn't like them.  I was right- she spit them right back out.

Sometimes when I can tell she is getting tired and she is chilling out in her bouncer, she will start sucking her fingers, and sometimes but not all of the time  she will suck her thumb only, and eventually I will glance over at her, and she is passed right out.  with her hands in her mouth :)

Hey, that's one less thing we have to buy!!!

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