Monday, January 10, 2011

Crib Time!

The very first night we had Abigail home from the hospital, we could not get her to go to sleep.  Anywhere. It was a miserable time.  We first tried the bassinet that my mom had given us,  then we tried her crib,  but eventually that night (actually it was early the next morning) we laid her down in bed with us because we were just so tired and frustrated.  Since that night, the only place she has been able to sleep well is in her "newborn napper" which is a part of the pack n play that we bought.  It has been such a Godsend, I don't know what we would have done without it.  It has been where Abigail naps during the day, and where she sleeps at night.   We have a pack n play with this "napper" on it both downstairs and upstairs, thanks to my mother in law.

Abigail "napping" in the napper, her very first day at home :) She is certainly a lot bigger than that now!!
The napper is on the left.  I wish I had something like that to sleep in myself!!

Lately, we have noticed that she is getting just a bit too long for the "napper" and I knew that we would have to "introduce" Abigail to her crib. We knew this was coming, but both of us have been avoiding it, in a way.  I started laying Abigail in her crib while I am putzing around her nursery, putting clothes away, etc, and she absolutely loves to listen to the mobile and watch the winnie the pooh animals go around in circles above her. She coos and giggles and tries to talk like mommy.  She has taken just a couple short naps (about 5 mins each) in her crib while mommy is cleaning or straightening up the upstairs.  Ryan and myself have known that she needs to get used to her crib, but neither of us really wanted to try and put her down in the crib at night, for fear that she wouldn't sleep! 

Last night, on a whim when I Was getting Abigail ready for bed, I decided I was going to try to put her to bed in her crib.  So I swaddled her as usual, and I laid her down. Kissed her of course :)  I turned her mobile on, which she loves.  She was drowsy, and I usually let her fall asleep on her own, so I closed the door halfway, turned lights off and she seemed content.  For a little bit.  I heard some crying a few minutes later... by the time I got to her room, she stopped and had fallen asleep. Never heard another peep. I couldn't believe it!! The entire night I was on edge because I thought she would wake up crying in the middle of the night, because she's no longer sleeping in her comfy fleece napper. But she didn't.  I couldn't wait until hubby got home to tell him about it!!

She did end up crying once early early in the morning, but only for a minute, then she stopped on her own before we could even get into the nursery to see what was going on!  She was lying in her crib when I went in this morning just sucking on her fingers, content with the world:)

I hope tonight goes as smoothly. She's been extremetly fussy this evening, so we will see...

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