Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll Give it a Try.

My cloth diaper trial pack came in the mail today.  I ordered it from Jillian's Drawers.  I got quite a few different brands/styles/types of diapers. 

Abigail checked them out as I took them out of the box. I think she thought they were cute too!

Whatever I don't like, I can send back after 21 days. Or I can keep it all and receive $10.00 back. Or I can send it ALL back and get my money back minus $10.00 (for shipping costs). Sounds good to me. I hope I like them. At least some of them.

They all look so cute and I "tried" on some of them on Abigail over her disposable diaper  to see how they work and how some of them fit...  so cute!! I guess they won't be so cute when they are filled with poop haha. 

I am in the middle of the "pre washing" routine.  Some of them need to be washed and dried numerous times before use, to increase how well they saturate.

I will probably wait to start using them until beginning of next week. We are having company this weekend so it might be a little hectic while trying to figure them out.

I will keep you posted!

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