Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Dressed Up

When we found out we were having a girl, I wasn't sure how I was going to handle it, with me not being a "girly girl" and all.  I always thought I wanted boys as children, because I was such a tomboy growing up.  Except for when I was really small, I was never really one to wear pink or purple,  let alone frilly dresses and bows, everything a little girl should love!

However, that has now changed. Now that we have our little angel girl here with us, I absolutely LOVE looking at dresses and bows (for the hair she doesn't have yet!) for Abigail to wear. Ryan is always waiting for me at every store we go in, because I always have to check out the baby section to see what cute dresses and clothes they have. 

When we were buying clothes for Abigail before she was born, we didn't really buy or get many dresses in the 0-3 size, so she hasn't really been able to "Dress up" for church yet...but I Have been stocking up on dresses for the next sizes up!  Her tiny toes are still so small that none of her little shoes have been able to fit her either.  I know it will come soon!!

Last night I decided that she is finally big enough to wear one of her size 3-6 dresses,  so I got it washed  and decided no matter what, that would be what she wears to church today.  It must have been meant to be, because fit perfectly and looked adorable!!! We put her white tights on, and then I realized that her little feetsies were actually big enough to wear her little white dress shoes!!  I was so excited :)

I was so excited because she was finally wearing a dress complete with dress shoes to church!!! Pop Pop is the one who introduced my sister and I to Grace Church (where I still attend) when we were VERY small (maybe 6 and 7 yrs old?). I remembered getting all dressed up to go to church with Pop Pop back then.  Now that he walked me down that aisle at Grace Church, and I now have my own daughter, I am excited for her to get all dressed up for church!!  I told Ryan this morning that I simply cannot wait until Easter this year so I can deck her out in her Easter dress, hat and shoes like our Mom did when we were growing up.... I will scan in a picture later for example of this :o)

Ryan thought she looked adorable as well (she's SUCH a daddy's girl already!  She did look very cute and is just so precious!!!!

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