Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making Friends

There have been a few playdates I have been trying to get arranged for a little while now- one of my co-workers from a previous place of employment had twin girls last August and I had yet to meet them.  The other, a fellow classmate from the Social Work program at SU, who had a little girl this past November.  All are just a few months apart from Abigail, the twins a few months older, and Anna a month younger,  so I was excited to be able to get together with both of them on Friday!!

We headed over to Jessica's house Friday morning, and Abigail spent time with Addison and Bristol.  They enjoyed playing together.  I really think Abigail enjoys being around other babies- but sometimes she starts hitting them or pulling their hair!! I hope I don't have a bully on my hands already!  It was nice to spend time with Jessica, catching up and sharing baby stories and experiences :)

 Abigail was probably checking out Brady,  the twins' older brother. 

 Abigail loves playing with toys that she doesn't have at home!!  She was also excited to see some toys that she has the same of! (such as the gloworm in the picture!)  She found a water bottle, and that became her favorite.

I still can't tell the twins apart.... All I can say is, one is Addison and one is Bristol!  They are about 9 months old now. 

After we left Jessica's,  we came home and Abigail had a lonnnnng nap while mommy cleaned.

Then we packed up again and headed to Carla's.  Abigail and Anna got to play together for awhile.  Anna doesn't sit up as well as Abigail yet, but I bet she will the next time we get them together!

(sorry these pictures are a little fuzzy, I took them on my phone camera because I forgot my regular one, and they kept moving when I was trying to take the pictures!)

Carla also has two other children, so it was an interesting afternoon- watching what my household may look like someday!!!  Abigail and I watched them make home made pizza, which was delicious.  I hope I get the recipe!

All in all, it was a great day.  I was glad to get Abigail out and around other babies her age.  At daycare, they are older than her.  She seems to really enjoy being around other babies.  Except for when she gets so excited that she starts hitting them!! But it's all in good fun.  I can't wait until our next playdates!!

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