Sunday, May 22, 2011

7 Months

My Dearest Abigail Evelyn,

This letter is a week overdue, but you just keep me so busy that I haven't really had time to write your 7 month letter to you yet!  On May 15th, you turned 7 months old-  I really just cannot believe this.  It seems every month goes by faster.  You are getting so big!!

The past month was two "firsts", one for you, and one for me.  You had your first Easter.  We dressed you all up and went to church for Easter breakfast.  We had church service and then dinner at our house.  It was such a wonderful day, and a wonderful "first" Easter for you!!  Of course you had a boo boo on your nose, and Daddy had a boo boo on his eye... so you two looked so silly together!!

Then shortly after that was my first Mother's Day.  You are the reason that it was my first Mother's Day, and it couldn't have been better.  Dadday was able to come home from training for the weekend, and we just spent a leisurely day together.  You are my gift, and that was all I needed.

You are really getting your own personality now-  You are really easygoing around people- you just love everyone!!  Everyone always comes up to your daddy and I in restaurants telling us how great of a baby you are.  We get comments often that you are such a "happy baby" and you smile a lot-  well it is true! Oh and speaking of restaurants, when we go out to eat now, instead of carrying you in your carseat you now can sit up in a highchair!!!  We give you toys and you play while we eat- because you always get your dinner first, before we leave the house :)  Pretty soon we will start feeding you table food while we are out- boy, that will get messy I am sure!

You are in daycare full time now, and you seem to really love your daycare-  every day when I go pick you up you are usually outside.  I love coming up to you and seeing your smile- you have the most beautiful smile.  I really think you enjoy being around other children.  However, I think being around the other children has led you to realize that you have a voice!  You used to be so quiet, but now you have realized you can shreak and make all types of noises.   Usually in church, when everyone else is quiet! 

You sit up great now, and you have starting scooting/crawling.  You don't crawl with your knees but you kind of pull yourself.  It's amusing to watch.  If you are trying to get to soemthing, you are determined to get there and you do!  You are like your mommy, just very determined to get it done, whatever "it" is.  I love the looks of determination on your face...

This past month was the first time you have been in a pool-  daddy took you in one for the first time recently, and you seemed to enjoy it. 

And today you got your own litle blow up pool for the backyard.  You splashed around in that for awhile.  I think your 'Aunt' Jenna will be proud of you, and happy that you like water.  Pretty soon we will have to start swim lessons! She has been getting on me about getting you into the pool so you can get more used to it!!

You are still breastfeeding, and still going strong.  You get your bottles at daycare, but you also have started getting other foods at daycare too.  You really seem to like the "orange" veggies, like carrots, sweet potatoes and squash.  You make the funniest faces with peas and green beans.  I have a difficult time getting you to eat those. You seem to really like bananas as well, but you haven't tried many other fruits yet.  Sometimes at daycare I am told that all you do is eat somet days,  between your bottles and babyfood!  You still love your mommy milk the best, though.

Recently you went to the doctor about your heart, and he says that it is getting better.  You had three tiny holes when you were born, and now 2 have completely closed and one should be closing.  The doctor couldn't even hear your heart murmur anymore.  We praise God that you have a fully functioning heart, and that the holes were not large enough to cause any problems.  You are healthy, and very happy.

Abigail, you are getting so big, so quickly.  I look at you and see you coming into your own, and just realize that everyone is right- it does go by too fast.  I know your 1st birthday will just sneak up on us.  I already wish I could go back to the days when you wanted to cuddle on my chest and fal asleep. You don't do that much anymore... today you fell asleep on me in church.  I just savor those moments. Most of the time now you just want to push off me and crawl to the other side of the couch or floor, or wherever we may be. 

I know you will just become more and more independent, and that breaks my heart in one way, but in the other, I know it is a good and healthy thing for you to do.  However,  I love each and every moment we have together.  I hate being away from you during the day, but I have to.  I love the moments I get with you in the mornings and night times, and especially on our weekends together when Daddy is home.  You are my love, and always will be.  You are my firstborn and always will be.  Your daddy and I both love you very very much, and we always will, no matter what.  Just wanted you to know.  Happy 7 month birthday!

Love Always,

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