Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day weekend

Again, I apoligize for not posting as much these days.  Lately It's been all I can do to take care of Abigail, the house, the dog Camden, my job has been stressful, plus everything else that goes on. It seems last week there was something going on every night which led me to be exhausted. 

Weekends are spent with Ryan, when he's home, plain and simple.  I try to steer clear of the computer unless he is studying and then I will pop on the computer. He has to study a lot when he comes home, which stinks :( But I guess it's a good thing because he recently found out that he's #10 in the academy out of 64 candidate, based on GPA!  Proud of my boy.

The weekend was somewhat quiet...but Friday was a busy and LONG day though!! I worked all day, left a little earlier than my "normal" time to pick Abigail up from daycare (40 minute drive), headed home to take care of Camden, changed clothes for Abigail and I, and we headed BACK up north, to Dover (I work in Seaford so I was back and forth).  There was no way around it.  What a waste of gas.  But for a good reason.  My mom received an award from our United Methodist Peninsula-Delaware conference from the Order of St. Barnabas for her work with coordinating God's Kitchen, a ministry run through our church.  So Abigail and I went to support mom, along with other members of the church who help out with God's Kitchen.  Mom has worked soooo hard with this ministry over the years and it was wonderful to see her get recognized with receiving this award.  It was a nice banquet but Abigail was very tired and a little fussy.  She would not settle down.  I ended up leaving at 8:30, and didn't get home until 10:00- it's quite a drive up to Dover from here.

Ryan had already been home for a little bit.  He got to visit with Abigail for a few minutes before she (and all of us) headed to bed.  We were all so exhausted!

I love this photo!

It was also Mother's Day weekend.  I had told Ryan he didn't need to get me anything- just having him able to come home for the weekend was my gift. 

Of course, he got me something anyway.  I will post a picture later.  My camera ran out of batteries!

We went to church in the morning and I, along with all of the other moms, got a pretty begonia (that I need to plant outside before it dies!). 

We had lunch at our favorite quick and fairly cheap place to eat- Pat's Pizza.  Ryan studied the afternoon while I watched baseball with Abigail.  Then we went for a family walk. 

It was such a gorgeous afternoon! I always enjoy our walks, it's great time together.  Ryan brought along his flash cards and I helped him study as we walked.

I have two baby girls: 

...And I love them both!!!!   I love being a mommy :)

Ryan had to head back to academy at's a 2 1/2 hour drive so he usually leaves before 6:00 on Sunday.  I always try to convince him to stay just a tad later... like 15 or 20 minutes will really make much difference. But he never does.  He has a time and he sticks to it. 

It gets harder and harder for him to leave to go back to the academy each time.  I know I will see him this weekend, so I guess it makes it easier..but the weeks drag by! However.... almost 7 weeks completed, and then it will be 19 to go!!!!

We stood on the porch and waved him goodbye.  Then our neighbor came over for a few minutes to say hi with her girls (2 and 4 years old) and then she came back a little later and invited me to dinner. So went over there and had tacos, and the girls played and just loved all over Abigail.  We had a great time.  We came home and Abigail was so exhausted she fell right asleep!

I am Totally Looking forward to this weekend- Friday I am taking Camden to the kennel and then Abigail and I are headed to Manassas. Ryan will be meeting me there Friday evening, and then Saturday we will be visiting with Uncle Jason and Aunt AJ!  (My brother and sister in law).  I originally was going to look for hotel in Alexandria, but decided to stick to Manassas, so we won't be far from Jason and AJ Saturday morning.

We also might get to visit some friends who live up that way as well. We don't get to see a lot of our friends, being they live across the bridge, so I am very excited!! I am looking forward to (hopefully) relaxing and not doing TOO much.  I need some time just to "be" and breathe!!

I am also looking forward to visiting Abby's Lane baby boutique in Manassas- I was told abou ttheir online store from a friend, and have bought a few things online, and then realized they have a store in Manassas, the same town Ryan's brother lives!! I am looking forward to checking the store out in person!! I will probably end up buying more cloth diapers! I don't necessarily need any more, but I think I have become addicted to trying out new styles and brands now!! We will see. I will definitely have to limit myself.  I do have an exchange to do when there as well, though.  But definitely excited!!  

Well, anywho, Hope everyone else who reads this has a wonderful weekend!

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