Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Getaway

It seems I am apologizing on my posts lately... again I apologize for not posting as often as I was doing previously. It's getting difficult for me, and I have a hard time getting myself motivated to do much these days.  I have been so tired and with everything going on, It's hard to find time to myself!! Abigail is napping now, so I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity.

Last weekend we planned a getaway. I took Camden (our dog) to the kennel Friday morning, visited some friends at MAC (the local senior services agency- I did an internship with a unit there when I was completing my Masters in Social Work) and then Abigail and I headed off to Manassas, VA.  Ryan's brother and his wife live in Manassas so we decided to meet there Friday evening and spend time with them on Saturday.  I booked a hotel, Holiday Inn, and it was very nice.  I had originall thougt about staying in Alexandria, but after much thought I decided to just stay in Manassas so we would be closer to Jason and AJ.  Abigail and I arrived at the hotel a little before 4 that afternoon, but Ryan didn't get there until 9 pm.  Abigail is such a great car rider- she sleeps!!  We went to Wal Mart when we got to Manassas and did a little shopping.  I had Abigail in the baby carrier- she loved it until we got to the checkout, so then she started screaming!! So I had to take her out.  But she liked it up until that point. 

We just hung out in the hotel, watched the Orioles game, until Ryan got there. 

Then it was bedtime!

Friday night was a rough night, as Abigail didn't want to sleep in the crib that the hotel provided.  She was waking up all hours of the night- it felt like she was a newborn all over again!! We would get her to sleep...she would sleep maybe 1-2 hours, then wake up again crying... Then over and over again.  Finally we got her to settle down...once we put her in between us in the king sized bed.  She slept for a few hours then. By that time, it was almost 7 am and time to get up!

Saturday morning we headed to Abby's Lane, a baby/cloth diapering store that I had on my list of things to check out while we were in Manassas. Actually, it was one of the only things on my list!!  It was in  old-town Manassas - I wish we had had more time to check out that area, it seemed really nice!!  Anyway, we went to Abby's Lane and it was cloth diaper galore!!!  They seemed to have almost any brand/type of diaper you could think of!! Too bad I really didn't NEED any more..but I got another one for daycare (she prefers the velcro at daycare) and I got some hemp liners to use for night time (we haven't started using cloth at night yet- but I will be trying a few things out soon!).  I also got another wetbag (again, to have a spare one for daycare for when I haven't done wash yet).  So I am set for awhile... There were some others I want to try, but my stash has GROWN so much and rapidly so I couldn't justify spending even more money on diapers!! I am doing this to save money...but it gets addicting!! There are always ones you want to try out. 

Anywho, we left Abby's Lane, and then Jason and AJ's place was literally in the "backyard" of old town Manassas- it only took 5 minutes or even less to get there! That was nice.  I will definitely be visiting the store again next time we visit them.

We just hung out and spent some good quality time together. We had lunch, went to the Potomac Mills mall, and just hung out at their place.  We were there until almost 9 pm, and then headed back to the hotel for the night.  We decided to just put Abigail in bed with us that night- she slept soooo good!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (yum yum) and then headed back to the hotel. 

I loved this picture so I had to stick in in here somewhere! They were both watching tv together :)
The hotel had an indoor pool so I really wanted to get Abigail in the water for her firs ttime!! So Ryan got in the indoor pool with Abigail- she liked it!! She was a little apprehensive at first, but she didn't fuss, so I think she enjoyed it. Plus she was with daddy!! she enjoys her time with daddy.

We had to check out of the hotel by 1, so we headed to the Borders that was nearby so Ryan could study.  Abigail napped, and I read my book (I don't get many chances to read lately, so it was nice to just relax! 

We ended our weekend together by traveling up to Germantown, MD which was about 1 hour away and stopped by to see friends, Rich and Kaleigh.  Rich and Ryan were throwers together on the York College track and field team. Rich is also a police officer in their area, so Ryan and Rich had loads to talk about.  I have gotten to know Kaleigh over the years as we were always at the track meets together, and we always enjoy spending time together.  We had dinner at the Red Robin (Yum Yum!) and spent a little time together. As always, it wasn't enough time!! I am hoping to have them over again this summer like last summer.

Then it was time to say good bye to Ryan.  From Germantown, he was only about 45 minutes away from the academy.  I hate saying good bye to him, but we had to do it.  So Abigail and I headed back to the Eastern Shore...we didn't get home until almost 10 pm.  She slept the entire drive, and then went right to bed when we got home, and slept the entire night!!.....I have an angel for a baby :) 

And a great weekend it was, indeed.

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