Friday, April 8, 2011

God Prepares us in Unexpected Ways...

When I first found out Ryan was offically accepted into the state police academy, of course I was soo excited for him.  It is something that he was really hoping for, and wanting to do.  He wants to feel fulfilled and that he is actually making some type of difference, not just babysitting adults who messed up, which is what he felt he was doing at the prison.  I am very supportive of any decision he makes in life. 

Of course then I Started flipping out about finding daycare last minute, and just in general being by myself throughout the weeks and possibly few weeks at a time while he is away at this academy. How would I do everything and stay sane?? I didn't Think I was strong enough to do this.  But I did know that all in all, I would handle it and get through it.  I knew it's only 26 weeks...not the end of the world.  God would get me through-  with Him, we can get through anything. 

Since Ryan has left and started the academy, I have been quickly finding that it's not AS difficult as I thought it would be- sure I am exhausted after getting up at the crack of dawn,  working all day, coming home and tending to Abigail (which I LOVE doing!) and then just keeping the household going, running the errands that need to be done, cleaning, cooking, etc, along with tending to our needy dog, Camden.  I have been sooo exhausted the past 2 weeks, trying to keep everything together.

Mentally I have been okay with things- Sure, I miss Ryan.  But I have talked to him much more than we originally thought.  Some nights I don't get to talk to him and  most nights it's only 5 minutes if we do. But any talk is better than none so I won't complain.  And more importantly, this week  I have definitely realized that God does work in ways we don't realize.  I believe that when Ryan started working that evening shift at the prison, God was already working in ways we didn't know.  He was preparing me for this change. I didn't know it at the time.  See, I am pretty much already used to Ryan not being here evenings.  I am used to coming home to Abigail and Camden with Ryan at work and having to figure out what to do with myself and Abigail during the evenings.  I very strongly feel that for the past 4 months, God has been preparing Ryan and myself for him to go to this academy, and preparing me for him being away. And I think it worked.   Because I am a lot better off (so far!) than I thought I would be!

I am actually kind of excited because for the first time since we have been married, we get to spend (most) all weekends together this summer!! He has always had some type of job where he works weekends! I am trying to find the positive in things, which is very difficult for me at times. 

All in all, he is doing well, for those of you who want to know.  He is exhausted, but has done well on the tests so far, and is doing well with the physical aspect.  He always sounds positive on the phone, just tired. He has never been a "runner" but he's keeping up.  He's already lost weight, so we will see how small he gets by September 23!

Abigail is doing wonderfully- my mom and aunt and others have been watching her for the past few weeks, and she has been to the daycare the past 2 fridays.  She does great with everyone!! She's an angel baby.   She starts daycare 4 days a week in 2 weeks... I think she will do just fine though.  I worry anyway!! Another plus of that is the daycare provider is willing to try the cloth diapers- she actually used them today, and didn't mind! I am super excited about that! 

I know I Haven't posted pictures of Abigail in a week, so I need to!! Here are some new ones:

Here are pictures of Abigail wearing a headband I ordered from  this Etsy Shop - I follow Kayleigh's blog over at modern cloth mama

I also bought one of the checkbook covers from that etsy shop, and I LOVE IT!! Great quality, and looks cute!!

My girl sitting up like a BIG GIRL!!!



  1. omgosh. she is so adorable. LOVE the headband! :)

  2. p.s. i have a giveaway up for a cloth diaper right now! :)

  3. I am so happy to hear that things are going so well. Our God is so good!

  4. Hey Connie! She is sitting up already? Logan is still working on it :) Thanks so much for posting the pictures! She is adorable!
    My husband works from home and I honestly dont know what I would do if he didnt. That must be so hard but it looks like you are handling it well :)