Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Experience with Daycare

This week was Abigail's first "full" week in daycare (4 days a week).  She had been going one day a week for the past three weeks, so that helped to ease her in full time, I think.  It helps that I already knew the daycare provider, and she runs the daycare out of her home, so it's a comfortable setting. Plus, I feel very comfortable with her, having known her already, and having mutual friends/acquantances in the community, etc.  But it is still difficult leaving Abigail with someone else, even though I know she is in good hands. 

For those of you who don't know, since November 30th until recently, Ryan stayed home with Abigail in the mornings/early afternoon, and then he worked the evening shift.  This way we were able to avoid daycare for the first six full months of Abigail's life.  It worked out wonderful, except sometimes it was difficult fo rme to leave work early, seeing as my job is so very busy.

And I am not saying anything is wrong with daycare, but I was just glad that we didn't have to start her so early. I wish I could be a stay at home mom, but financially we just wouldn't be able to do ti right now... maybe in the future.  Also, I know it is good for Abigail to be around other children. I don't have many friends around here who have children for her to play with. She seems to love it!  Plus being around those other children does help build immunities to various illnesses since she is bound to be around sickness at some point or other. (Of course, since she is still breastfed, that helps even more with building immunities!)

I was sooo glad that we were able to find last minute care for Abigail- God certainly does answer prayers.  Because believe me I was stressing about it.  But God says not to worry, because He will take care of everything. 

Abigail has been doing wonderfully in daycare. She hasn't had any problems taking naps, getting the bottle, playing with the others.  She's always so smiley when I go to pick her up. One day I received a picture text message, and she was passed out on the floor, with toys all around her! I wish I could somehow download it to here to show but I can't figure out how. 

I think she is like Ryan and myself, and that is flexible... I think there is such a thing as a flexible baby.  I know it sounds funny, but she is easy to get along with, and she loves anyone!! In fact, anyone who has watched her so far says she's an angel baby.  I tend to agree :)

Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I have been using cloth diapers with Abigail.  I have been using them more frequently the past few months (I started slowly using them the end of January). Now, it's really the only thing I use except at night time.  When buying the various cloth diapers, I would ask myself if it's worth it because I didnt' know if we would have to put Abigail in daycare in the future. I guess my fear was I would spend all this money on these diapers, and then would not find a daycare that would try the diapers out. 

Well, I was in luck, because our provider was more than willing to try them. She had never seen the "modern" version of cloth diapers, and once I showed her how easy they are to use (almost just like disposables!) she caught on very quickly.  Well, I hope she thinks they are easy, anyway! From what I can tell, whenever I bring them with Abigail, that is all she uses.  I always throw a few disposables in there just in case. I usually pack the diaper bag with 4-5 cloth, or less, depending on how long Abigail will be there.  I also pack a "wetbag" which is basically a waterproof bag for the dirty diapers.  She throws the dirty ones in the bag, and I take care of the poopy ones when I get home.  She was a little nervous about the poopy ones at first but now she has it down old hat.  No problems at all so far! I am sooo thankful that she has been so willing to try new things, especially since I have quite a bit of money invested into these diapers!! I hope it continues to go well. 

Here is a cute picture from today:

Abigail is already a hit with the guys at the daycare! 

Daycare has gone sooo well so far, I just hope and pray that it continues!!

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