Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Few Words..

For once, I really don't have much to say.  Things have been about the same around here lately.  Abigail has finally been sleeping straight through the night again recently... for awhile there it was every few hours she woke up.  Growth spurt possibly?  Not really sure.

After this week, Ryan only has 10 weeks left in the state police academy... in one way it's gone by fast, and in another slow.  It will definitely be wonderful to have him home during the week so he can help out with Abigail and around the house again.  However, I was trying to explain to him it will be difficult adjusting to him being home again.  He hasn't been home during the week when Abigail has gone to daycare... he doesn't know the routine we have since he has been gone.  I know he will pick it up and help out, but it will be adjustment, for sure.  Hey, maybe some days he can take her to daycare and I can sleep in! Woo hoo! Definitely looking forward to that.

I am hoping that maybe the way his schedule works, we might be able to reduce the days of daycare to maybe 3 instead of 4...but I guess we won't know that until we know what his schedule will be. 

Abigail is doing well though... Friday she will be 9 months.  Where on earth is the time going?  She is a delight though.  I think the most popular comment we get is that she is a "happy " or "smiley" baby.  She loves new people- she doesn't fuss when handed off to a stranger, that is for sure.  She is pulling up on everything now.  Crawling everywhere.  I wonder if she will be walking before a year.

Next week we head to doctor for her 9 month well check.  I always look forward to seeing her weight and how much she has grown.  She is definitely getting bigger!!  She's been getting much better with eating baby food lately, but I want to talk about what is next and what table foods she can start to eat soon.

My husband and my sister's birthday is coming up.  It's on the same day.  Isn't that interesting? I have my sister's package ready to mail but can't figure out anything for my husband.  Maybe this Saturday, if he doesn't have much studying to do, we will just spend the day in Ocean City or something.  Who knows what he willw ant to do.  Sunday evening we have dinner planned at PF Changs in Annapolis... we are meeting his family there for an early dinner before Ryan heads back to the academy.

Work has been crazy the past weeks, but this week seems to have slowed down a little bit... when I say slowed down I mean I still have a huge list of things I am working on/to do list, but the daily demands of the patients isn't as much as it was for awhile.  It has waves where for awhile, they are doing okay, with a few bumps here and there, and then all of a sudden, it seems EVERYONE needs assistance with something.  I enjoy my job, but not the crazybusy days where I feel I can't think straight!

That's all I have for now.  I have been so tired, I haven't even taken any pictures lately!! I will definitley have some up soon!

But for a certain mommy who writes over at Modern Cloth Mama who made headbands (and the onesie in the picture below) for Abigail, I promised I would show a few pictures showing them off- sorry it's taken so long!!

You can find her etsy shop by clicking here

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