Saturday, July 23, 2011

9 Month Letter

My Dearest Abigail,

This letter is a little overdue... last week you turned 9 months old.... NINE months old!!! You are such a biggie girl now!!  It's difficult to think about you being this old already... I still remember the day you were born... I often think back to that day, and our first few days together as a family... what sweet memories.  One day we will get to tell you all about it!

You are a growing girl.  This past week we headed to the doctor for your 9 month well check.... you weigh just a tad over 19 lbs now, and you are 28 inches long!! You are growing and developing great, and the doctor thinked you looked the picture of good health! You showed off a little and showed her how you can pull up now!!  She didn't hear your heart murmor anymore, which is a good sign :)

Each month I think to myself that I can't possibly love you more, but every single day I look at you and realize that I do love you more than I did yesterday.  I didn't realize it was possible...but it is.  You make it so easy to love you though!!

I love coming home from a long day at work and just hugging and kissing all over you... even if you are trying to wiggle out of my arms the entire time.   It makes the worries and stress of my day float on away.

You are such a happy baby.  I just LOVE to hear you laugh and giggle! You smile a lot, and laugh, but sometimes you get this giggle/belly laugh which I just LOVE to hear!  It's usually when Daddy or Mommy is ticking you or kissing you around your neck you laugh and giggle and it puts a smile on both of our faces-  you are certainly a ticklish little girl!!

You are such a daddy's girl... and you are the apple of his eye..  I love the look you get when you look up at him, in adoration.  I hope that you stay best buds with him for life.

Now that you are crawling and pulling up like crazy, you continue to get into everything... I have had to clear off the tables in the living room because you just love to pull the magazines down and rip into them... and then Camden has to help you out as well.  You have pulled drawers open here and there, but mostly it's just things in the living room.   And boy, you can sure motor right along!! You are a quick crawler.

Now you can patty cake!! You figured out how to clap your hands, and it's SO darling when you do so!

You are just getting so big, I don't know what to do! I cannot believe that in less than 3 short months, you will be one year old.... they say time flies.  Yes, it certainly does. 

You have been eating table/baby food really well now, but you still love your mommy's milk.  I still nurse you as often as you want when we are together, and you still get bottles of mommy's milk at daycare... I am hoping it continues until at least you are one year old! 

In the past month we celebrated Father's Day, and then your Daddy's Birthday.  You love your daddy oh so much.  I know you don't really know or understand why he isn't here during the week, but you love seeing him when he walks in that door Friday evening, or Saturday morning when you wake up.  I am glad he is doing this now, and not when you are older.  Soon he will be done and we can watch him walk across that stage at graduation!

You have finally been sleeping well again.  For awhile there you were waking up every 3 hours... mommy didn't like that too well, but she dealt with it!!  Now you are back to sleeping a straight 10-11 hours, maybe 12, depending on the day.  It's so nice... you spoil me.

I can't wait to see what you will get into or accomplish this next month!!  I love you so much little girl... in a way, I want you to be small forever... I love this "stage" that you are in.  However, I also cannot wait to see what you will grow up to be and what God has in store for you !!  (Not that I want you to grow up anytime soon- I am not ready for that yet!!)

Love Always,


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