Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year was Abigail's 1st Christmas... it certainly snuck up on us quickly this year, and then away it went.  We had a nice Christmas.  I don't like to get too "crazy" with the holidays, but I do enjoy them. I like to decorate, but fairly simply. Plus we just don't have the space to go crazy like my mother does! 

We definitely did NOT go overboard for Abigail this year, like many people thought we would. We just got her a few toys she will grow into, like the gloworm that plays lullabies. She loves it.

We were fortunate that Ryan was off Christmas Eve, Day and the Sunday after.  We spent Christmas Eve running around town finishing up Christmas shopping, and grocery shopping.  It wasn't as bad out as we thought it was going to be. But we really needed groceries!

 I had planned on spending that afternoon wrapping gifts, (I had not even started!) before dinner & church that evening, but I was so tired, I could only get Ryans gifts wrapped.  I finished up on Christmas Day morning.

Mom came over for Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas is so very different now that Pop Pop is gone. We always spent every Christmas Eve at his house ever since I remember Christmas.  Nothing is the same now, especially holidays, since he was the "center" of the family.  We try and make the best of it.  But he is always, always missed.

We ordered out Chinese for dinner, then had the candlelight church service.  Abigail was actually awake for the service, (she usualyl sleeps through),  looking around and sucking her fingers which she loves to do.  We missed the "candlelight" part when she got hungry. By the time she was done eating, the service was over!!  

After church Ryan and I came back home, I was so very tired, I felt like I was getting the flu, and was burning up. I went to bed. Ryan took my temp later that evening and I had a low grade temperature. I was cold one minute, hot the next. So uncomfortable! but I slept good...

Christmas Day I woke up feeling a bit better, I wasn't as hot, and my temperature had gone down. Weird. My thoat was somewhat sore though.

Ryan's mom drove down from PA that day. She arrived around 1 and we spent the afternoon/evening together, since my mom was working.  She was able to get her "Abigail fix". I know it's hard for her to be so far away from her only grandchild!

We were planning on going to a restaurant for dinner, because I just didn't feel like cooking. However, we were invited to a close family's house for dinner.  We just love dinner time at the Murfree household!!   We enjoyed our dinner and time with their family. They had to convince us that we were not intruding.  It was a nice time. 

My sister ended up driving home from North Carolina that day, because of the looming snowstorm that had already started in the south.  She came in time for dinner at the Murfrees. Then we all congregated back at my house after dinner, and after Mom got off work, and opened our gifts.

All in all, it was a good Christmas this year. Abigail won't remember any of it. I am glad we and the grandmother's didn't go overboard. NEXT year will be the big one for Abigail!!

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